Monday, November 2, 2009

Just To Add Humor To Your Life...

I have a new favorite blog to read, and shockingly enough it has NOTHING to do with Twilight. Well ok, so that's a little lie - I was directed to the site because of a an entry about Twilight cakes. BUT as I read it and looked it over I couldn't help but laugh my butt off!

The blog is called Cake Wrecks and is a site dedicated to the horribly hilarious mishaps of professional cakes! I honestly can't tell you if the photos are funnier, or the dialog that accompanies it.

Here's a little snip it from one of their blogs:

The Problem With Phone Orders
[answering phone] "Cakey Cake Bakery, Jill speaking! How can I help you?"

"Hi, I need to order a cake for my boss. We have a photo of him playing golf that we'd like to put on it, though - can you do that?"

"Of course! Just bring the photo in on a USB drive and we'll print it out here."

"Great, I'll bring it by this afternoon."

"Hey, Jill, what am I putting on this cake?"

"Oh, check the counter; I left the jump drive out for you there." [calling from the back room]

"Really? This is what they want on the cake?"

"Yeah, the customer just brought it in."
"Okey dokey!"

Believe it or not, this is a TRUE story: Elisabeth R. worked at the office in question. Besides, how could I ever make up something this good?

Oh wait it gets better - here's a look at a Halloween cookie they found:

What do colorful sperm have to do with Halloween?
(Granted, "Happy" I could see...)

Now I warn you, this site it horribly addicting, after you see one cake you have to go to the next and read the story behind it or laugh your butt at the simply stupid decoration that has wond up on a cake and you have to wonder, are people blind AND stupid....

Check it out you will not be disappointed! I'm told the baby cakes are the best but have not gotten to them yet - it's on my list of things to do today!!!

(photos and story from - I claim no right to either)