Friday, December 31, 2010

104 in 365

So I started a new blog. Yes, because I am crazy in fact. Don't worry I will still neglect this one as much as I do now, but if you miss my wit and banter and like reading you might like my new blog one hundred&four in three sixty five .

The blog will contain my recap of the 104 books I intend to read over the next year. I know, because adding a blog to my everyday life isn't bad enough now I'm going to cram 104 books into it as well....what can I say, stress helps me lose weight.

If you too like to try crazy things, then join up the 104 Book Challenge on

I will assume that if you do not join the group that you are just to scared of failure to even attempt it. Hang you head in shame now.....hang I said!

Well I am off, I have books to read and a house to clean, in that order.

Friday, December 10, 2010

You Must Read:

The Mortal Instrument Series. City of Bone, City of Ashes, City of Glass.

This isn't a debate, as soon as you are done reading this I want you to go out and buy them, borrow them from the library - not me - or I can even get you the mp3s of the audio book if you like....

I promise you that these books will make you go "Edward who?"

Plus these books will be made into a movie in not so long, in fact the main girl was just cast and you don't want to be one of those losers who reads something JUST because it became a you? No, you don't. You want to be in on the book love. Be one of the cool kids, there's still room at the table.

When you finish those books by Casandra Clare, pick up Clockwork Angel, which is still kind of apart of this series only taking place several hundred years earlier then the previous books.....

So what are you waiting for....go! Buy, read and enjoy!!!!!

I've Done It....

I've joined a book club.

And it's not one of those stuffy, uptight book clubs where all the books are serious and boring and contemplate life and what it's all about. (who wants to talk about that anyway?!)

No No No.

The book club I have joined is much better then all that. My book club is comprised of all my friends and we don't do any of this sissy crap "read one book between meetings". We are the over achievers of book clubs. We read an entire series during the month between meetings.

Currently we are reading the Vampire Academy series. (Which yes, have very shitty covers that look like something off a bad romance novel and a soap opera commercial and the names are horrid and almost really have nothing to do with the actual book, but surprisingly they are good.)

We sit around, in this book club eating food and laughing until we nearly wet ourselves and even manage to fit in decent conversation about our books.

We call ourselves "The Book Fluffers", keeping your covers hard since 2010. Do with that what you will. I won't explain further. :0)