{My 3 Obsessions}

So, I found a way to discuss and share all the little things that I have collected online that are my Obsesions - or as I am thinking of re-naming them "Amber's Holy Trinity Of Love". Thoughts? No. Hmmm ok. Well we will just stick with "obsessions" then.

Anywho, see now that I have this new place to post all the crap (as some might call it) I can spend more time focused on my family in this blog instead of boring you to death with other things....

I now have a Tumblr account. It's like a "photo blog" and you share things pertaining to your likes and life. FOr instance mine is called "My 3 Obsessions" and talks only about Twilight, The Hunger Games and Supernatural.

So if you have one...(I think you had to be 15 to sign up, but I got in somehow) or ever want to see how my obsessions are going you can stop in, just by clicking below: