Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Has Gone Too Far...

I am suffering from PCD - Post Cullen Depression. I really need to get over these books and move forward.

Before any of you sigh and run off, thinking "My God would this girl get a LIFE!?", I promise if you keep reading you will find humor in this, if out of nothing else then plain old pity for me and my husband.

It all started today when a great friend from Montana happened to be in town and came over with her husband and son for a visit. I mentioned, of course, that I had just finished the Twilight series and it was great, she should read it on her car ride home. So, she asked if she could borrow the first 2 books and said she would mail them back when she was done. Thinking nothing over it I handed over Twilight and New Moon.

It wasn't until she left that I looked at my husband with an odd face and said "My books." as if I was 5 and my favorite stuffed animal had been lost for good. Again, like the night I thought about running to the store at 10 pm for the next installment after completing the first book, I got an exasperated look of, "Seriously?". I mean really - she wasn't even out of the driveway!

I was thinking about starting book 1 again, it was my favorite while the 3rd was great I was more interested in how they met and fell in love and what it too to make the other 3...anyway...I've fallen off track....leave it to me...

So, I went on about my day. Alex and I went to Target and he bought me "The Host", a new Stephanie Meyer book. We shopped, came home and organized my daughter Paige's room and hung some of her posters she's been longing to have up. While flipping through her issue of "Pop Star" magazine (the store was out of Bop and Tiger I came across a HUGE 16x20 poster of Edward and Bella from the movie.

I pulled it out with the others, and carried the Twilight poster down to my husband and said "Would it be really pathetic if I hung this up next to my computer desk?". I was half serious....he laughed and told me to go right ahead. But fighting the urge to hang a poster from a teenie-bopper magazine in our family room, I folded it up and plan to give it to a friends daughter when I see them on Tuesday.

I have a major issue. Would the new Harry Potter movie come out already so I can go back to obsessing over that again? I'm looking back on the day wondering what, the heck my issue is. I'm starting to find myself pathetic!

Friday, February 27, 2009

And Then There Were None.....


I have completed the series. I feel rather...odd....not having a book to race off to. I definitely caught OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) as my SIL would call it. I'm actually considering starting book 1 again. What the hell is wrong with me!?

I read the first two in 6 hours or so each, the third in 7 hours and the 4th book took me a bit longer because I had to actually get back to squeezing in those annoying human things like sleeping, eating and showering....lame.

I've hear there is a 5th book of sorts, on Stephanie Meyers website, it's Twilight written from Edwards point of view, but it's not complete. I think learning to live with my annoying withdrawals is a bit better for me now then to start a book thats not done and then drive myself into the nut house wondering when and if she will ever finish and publish it.

Alright I have to get back to be a normal 29 year old, I'm seriously doubting my sanity at the moment....I feel like I'm 15....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look Up In The Sky! It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A ____?!

A few days back I was driving home from Cub with Paige in the backseat. She was going on about the shapes she could see in the clouds, so I opened the sun roof for a better view and she was of and running again, her imagination never takes a break!

I concentrated on driving as she told me all the things she saw, A Bunny in a House, a dragon, a cat with claws and a Pecker.

Nearly rear ending the guy in front of me then missing a green light, I spun around in me seat and tried not to laugh hysterically as I said, "Um, hunny I don't know what those look like. What is it again?" no need to give her more info then she needs, just in case she wasn't really talking about, what it is I thought she was talking about.

"You know mom, a peck-er" she looked at me with that exasperated look I don't expect til her teenage years, and emphasized each syllable sharply.

I wasn't looking directly at her anymore because I was back to driving us home, but I looked at her through my back seat mirror I have and tried again, "Well tell me what they look like"

She sighed in a way that suggested simply she knew more then me, and was irritated to have to explain such a mundane piece of information to her mom. I expect I'll get more of this in her later years as well. She finally leads into her description "You know, a Pecker. Those birds that sit on the trees and peck holes in them. A Pecker?" She almost asked the last part, like she was trying to see if I followed.

I could no longer hold my laughter in, partly out of relief and said "OH! A WOOD Pecker!, sure hunny I know what those are"

She looked at me from the backseat trying not to show that she was a bit cheesed that I had corrected her. "Yes mom. A Wood Pecker. That's what I said"

That's a 4 year old for you. Sheesh. The trouble I have to go through to get an explanation out of her :0)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And Then There Was One.....And A Half....

Yesterday after I made it home with the second and third book of the Twilight series, I dove right in. I finished off the 2nd book, "New Moon" in 6.5 hours and promptly started in on "Eclipse", the third book.

Now I should note, I'm not trying to read fast, in fact I'm trying to drag the books out reading the third slower then normal so I don't have to be done so quickly. Though I must admit, reading quickly is simply what I do so trying to remind myself to put it in a slower gear has been hard.

I actually had to cut myself off at midnight last night, about halfway through "Eclipse" and save some more morning...that was torture! And my plan would have went through just fine, I could have finished in 3 hours the rest of the book if I suddenly didn't start to have weird heart palpitations that caused me to call the nurse to see what the heck was going on.

For the record, it wasn't the book - I was at a rather dull point in it actually and I had been sitting all day simply reading so I was over exerting myself.

I was sent in to the doc for an EKG, and to be hooked up to a Holter Monitor (see photo above)....for the second time during this pregnancy. I got to read a little bit in the waiting room, but had to put the book aside when I arrived home because Paige is back from her dads now and I no longer have full days to devote to Edward & Bella.

After dinner I will finish book 3, and stash the 4th, which I picked up on my way home from the clinic today, until this weekend possibly. I find it hard to stop reading once I start these for some reason.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've Been Bitten

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I've finally gotten caught up in the madness that is Twilight, a little book series by Stephanie Meyer, for those of you further behind then me.

On a whim yesterday I picked up the first book at Target, I sat down to read it, finding a book to be a better alternative then my current iPhone obsession. I noticed every few minutes when I would look down I was 30 or so pages further then the last time. Was I really plowing through this book so fast? I'm a quick reader...but really?

It reached a point where I wouldn't get off the bed, and if I absolutely had to, I walked through the house, nose in book. 3.5 hours into reading and over half the book done I was quite irritated to have to stop due the constant phone ringing and obvious need for food, I am after all pregnant..

After a short break, I went back to my post in my bed and finished off the book. 6 hours it took total. When it was done, at about 10pm I looked at the clock contemplating. Alex must have seen the look on my face as asked "You can't be serious?" - he knew I was trying to figure out if I should go to Wal-Mart for book 2 then, or in the morning. I decided to wait.

When morning came, I ran to Wal-Mart, nearly running people over. When I finally cornered into the book section I was horrified to see they only had book 3. What was I going to do with that!? I needed book two! (though I did buy book 3, I mean I'll need it eventually!) I scrambled to my car and across the road to Target, literally ran down the isle to the book section and about fainted from relief when I realized that all 4 books were neatly stacked on a shelf. A woman looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears, aparently she hasn't started the books yet.

I tossed the hard cover version of New Moon into my cart and headed for food...if I was going to read all day I needed it, and things that weren't going to take a lot of time to make....i.e - not so healthy. I grabbed OJ, dough nuts, fruit, shells and cheese and a coke. I needed the caffeine, I barely looked at my coffee this morning when I rant out the door straight from bed, last thing I needed was caffeine headache getting in the way of my precious books and I!

So now I'm off - to start book two, sitting here typing is bugging the crap out of me knowing it's sitting upstairs waiting....I'm off to Forks.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Been A While...

I knew I hadn't been on for a while but 3 weeks! Thank goodness someone pointed it out to me or I would have totally abandoned you all! (Thanks Kari!)

Not a whole lot out of the ordinary has been going on here in that time. I've been shopping for the baby with all the great clearance sales going on. Alex and I both got new phones, mine is an iPhone and I'm addicted to it. I need a 12 step program I think. Paige is doing great in preschool and her 5th birthday is coming up fast!

Other then that, the great baby name debate has been raging, and though we initially thought that we had the perfect name in Reagan, it turns out neither Alex of I really felt like it was her name. So the search began again....and one night while rattling off names I mention Layla, which Alex disliked right away. From it though, he said Ayla, same name with no 'L' - and so no (or for now I guess I should say with our history of name changes!) the babies name is Ayla Violet.

It's gotten mixed reviews, and that's fine. No one is going to like every name we choose and in the end we realize this is our baby and we can name her "Cheesecake" if we wanted to and no one could do anything about it.

On top of that I have been looking for the perfect baby announcement's some of the current front runners, we really like the ones that focus more on the photos - after all, everyone wants to see the baby!! (and as always, I'm still making announcements and cards so if you need something....I'm here!)

What do you think? We're still looking of course!!! I promise not to leave for so long this next time! :0)