Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Has Gone Too Far...

I am suffering from PCD - Post Cullen Depression. I really need to get over these books and move forward.

Before any of you sigh and run off, thinking "My God would this girl get a LIFE!?", I promise if you keep reading you will find humor in this, if out of nothing else then plain old pity for me and my husband.

It all started today when a great friend from Montana happened to be in town and came over with her husband and son for a visit. I mentioned, of course, that I had just finished the Twilight series and it was great, she should read it on her car ride home. So, she asked if she could borrow the first 2 books and said she would mail them back when she was done. Thinking nothing over it I handed over Twilight and New Moon.

It wasn't until she left that I looked at my husband with an odd face and said "My books." as if I was 5 and my favorite stuffed animal had been lost for good. Again, like the night I thought about running to the store at 10 pm for the next installment after completing the first book, I got an exasperated look of, "Seriously?". I mean really - she wasn't even out of the driveway!

I was thinking about starting book 1 again, it was my favorite while the 3rd was great I was more interested in how they met and fell in love and what it too to make the other 3...anyway...I've fallen off track....leave it to me...

So, I went on about my day. Alex and I went to Target and he bought me "The Host", a new Stephanie Meyer book. We shopped, came home and organized my daughter Paige's room and hung some of her posters she's been longing to have up. While flipping through her issue of "Pop Star" magazine (the store was out of Bop and Tiger I came across a HUGE 16x20 poster of Edward and Bella from the movie.

I pulled it out with the others, and carried the Twilight poster down to my husband and said "Would it be really pathetic if I hung this up next to my computer desk?". I was half serious....he laughed and told me to go right ahead. But fighting the urge to hang a poster from a teenie-bopper magazine in our family room, I folded it up and plan to give it to a friends daughter when I see them on Tuesday.

I have a major issue. Would the new Harry Potter movie come out already so I can go back to obsessing over that again? I'm looking back on the day wondering what, the heck my issue is. I'm starting to find myself pathetic!

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