Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone Too Soon.

My post today will not be filled with sarcasm or humor like they normally are. No jokes, no Twilight references, nothing perky or upbeat. I wish, with everything I have that it could be, that I'm not having to remember yet another friend, taken too soon from this life. Eerily in the same way I lost another friend 6 years ago.

Eric Yanka, husband to Gina Yanka., a wonderful long time friend of Alex's, passed away early Sunday morning the 26th of September, in a one car accident in Brained Minnesota. What makes this even sadder then it already is, is that Gina and Eric were married only 14 days prior, They had just returned home from their honeymoon days earlier.

The similarities to a car accident that killed my friend Chad Week 6 years ago are uncanny. Both men got into cars with people who they knew had been drinking, both accidents occurred in a rather rural area. Eric was on his way back to the cabin, Chad was on his way home from a cabin. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene and both, sadly were ejected from the car via the windshield. Both accidents included only the one car.

The driver in both accidents suffered injuries but survived, and in the case of my friend Chad the driver was not charged by request of his parents. In the case of Eric this will not be the case. The driver will be going away for 5-10 years, or so we have have heard.

When things like this happen it's hard to know what to say. How do you comfort a friend that just lost her husband? How do you help her know it will be alright when she will be sending out funeral notices before her thank you cards are even finished being written, when wedding presents are probably still arriving?

My heart goes out to Gina and her family. All my love!

Friday, September 25, 2009

3 Months!

It's a little behind but here's Ellison's 3 month update.

We're having a great time, laughing, squeeling, and her newest thing is trying to eat her hands! She rolls up onto her side and still hates to be laying down, so the rolling over has not been a big success yet, since we can't keep her on her back long with out her telling us about how much she dislikes it!. She just Little Miss Independent!

The sleeping through the night has stopped and we're getting up once between 3-5 each morning, but we're making it through! She goes right back to bed after her bottle and I crash out on the couch while she swings.

Here she is! Growing so very fast!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News/ Bad News

The Bad News is, I'm no longer going to Chicago for Twi-Tour. No meet and greets no hanging with Hillywood....nuttin'. My car decided it would be a really good time to crap out on me and all the Chicago money, went to the car....*sniff*

The Good News is my internet bestie is getting me an autographed Bran Hambric book wirtten by Kaleb Nation and a new Hillywood Autograph! Yay!

I gotta try to find the good in everything otherwise I will get all deperessed and mope about the weekend everyone is down there with out me. Chances are I will still be a little bummed during that weekend but I will make it through!

I'm also putting even more effor into planning my birthday party, details are coming together, so many fun ideas that I can do by making things myself! Prom Gazebo, Centerpieces, Place Card Holders - I can't wait!!!

On top of all that a few things I have been waiting for, forever it seems like will being happening on the 1st of October. The first is Nordstrom is releasing their New Moon clothing line, with some AWESOME t-shirts! AND Twilight Scene It comes out! Squeeee!

I know that I am a huge Twilight Dork, and I will make NO apologies for it. I love it, I love my friends who love it and the people I've gotten to meet because of it.

I'm hoping to get myself a part time job, save some $$ and take a trip to Forks with some friends next year and hit up the Con in Minneapolis next June full force!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Stephanie Meyer's Day!

OME! I had a great Stephanie Meyer day, even if I wasn't in Forks to celebrate. It was also Bella's birthday (for those of you counting she would be 22 in human years having been born on Sept, 13, 1987)

What do you do on Stephanie Meyer day when you live 1842 miles away from that tiny town covered by a near constant cover of rain and clouds? You attend an awesome party is what you do!

Great friends Maggie and Liz, invited everyone over to the Twi-partment to celebrate. One Twi-mate was missing in action; Trina, something about being in New York and near the red carpet for the 2009 VMA's seemed more fun then hanging with us....*insert jealous look here*. We had her there in spirit, her photo was on the wall!!!

Highlights of the night: (in no particular order, of course)

  • Maddie jumping out from behind Edward and scaring the piss out of Maggie
  • Stories from Italy, particularly the ones including what a metal chair sounds like being drug across a metal patio! And learing about the places "Rob would totally eat at" (seriously I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life!
  • "Charlie Swan" wine, "Mike Newtons", Grizzly Grahms, and dirt balls!
  • Winning 1 of the 2 costume contests prizes dressed as Jessica Stanley
  • The prom gazebo set up in the living room!
  • The butt dance
  • Bathroom Notes
  • Maggie's British accent
  • Peter's Table cloth (see photo)
I will be shamelessly stealing several of their ideas for my party coming up in October! LOL.

Here's a few shots from the night. I was working with a dying camera battery, bercause I'm an idiot and didn't charge it....I know, total fail on my part...but I got a little bit of everything!

I totally meant to snag one of these awesome cookie Maddie brought! Damn it. The cake was awesome!
Check the Gazebo.....(*cue Iron & Wine)
Broken Glass! Candles! Flowers!
Mike Newtons, Vampire Chocolate in Fido dishes!
Charlie Swan Wine in what I like to call "Maggies Wine Rack" haha!
Liz's costume malfunction - damn human...bleeding all over the place!
All The Ladies and Mr. Sparkles himself!
I would love to show you what I looked like before I was sweaty and gross and when my hair actually didn't need a bump it....but the only photo I have of me looks like total ass, so reserve the right not to post it! But as an added bonus here's Peter Facinelli's table cloth he gave to Maggie....yes he actually wrote on it with marker...I love the vampire doodle!

Monday, September 7, 2009

She's Growing Too Fast!

This week Paige starts kindergarten. I swear it was like yesterday I brought her home from the hospital.

She's gown up so so fast. she has the greatest little personality of any child I know, but I am a little biased.

She loves Rascal Flatts, The Beatles and Celtic Thunder and the Jonas Brothers. She can't get enough of Wizards of Waverly Place and the outdoors. She loves basketball and football and watching sports with her dad, whom I might add is probably one of the greatest dads in the world. I'm grateful that even though our paths didn't lead us to a single family, he has always given 110% to his daughter and would do anything for her in a heartbeat.

Paige has 2 GREAT step parents (or soon to be step parent on her dads side! Hopefully!!!) Alex, my husband and Kim, Michael's girlfriend. They have both really contributed to Paige's upbringing and made her even more of a great kid.

She's so lucky and so loved, and Oh My Gosh getting so big! So in honor of Paige's first day of school coming up on Thursday, here are a few photos of her over the years....try not to tear up....oh wait - that's me....

2 months
One Year
2 years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years

Friday, September 4, 2009

Walking Contradiction! Another Installment of RobstenGossip FAIL!

You all know I have it out for for basically being an ass sore on the butt of all humanity. Not to mention one of the worst fan blogs there is for "Robsten". It all stems from their fake contest and fake autograph prize. See other posts about them Here, and Here to get the whole story.

Well, as I have been faithfully keeping my "UNFOLLOW Friday" on Twitter of them, and getting good response from people - I am now out to make sure the masses actually understand that this web site is not only just a flat out rip off of every other website out there, but that the people running it are lame, lying, manipulative idiots who don't cover their tracks very well.

Exibit A: Scarlett-Rose (the web sites creator) claims to work for Summit Entertainment as shown here by the screen shot of their profile off my Tweet Deck: You too can see this by searching them on Twitter @RobstenGossip (click any photo to enlarge & read)
Because of this many Tweeters actually believe they work for them. What most of those sweet, yet gullible people don't understand is that IF they really did work for them, not only would they not be able to post any "inside goss", even if they obtained it because of Non-Disclosure Agreements Summit has employees sign - but they probably wouldn't list them self as "working for Summit to get inside goss" because they would be fired immediately for taking the job for their own personal reasons.

EXIBIT B: If you go to their website, you will plainly see this on their "About Us" Page: They opening admit to copying all their info on their site from other fan sites, and do not actually write anything them self. Again this is a direct screen shot of the page and I do have the whole page screen shot if you need to see it just let me know. (please click photo to enlarge and read)

If they actually worked for Summit to "get the inside goss", (let's just say for a minute that Summit wouldn't fire and sue them for sharing inside info, for the sake of this statement) then why would they need to start a web page where they simply go out to other sites, copy what they wrote and paste it into theirs?

Talk about a contradiction! "Hey we work for Summit but can't come up with our own news!"

And in the the biggest faux pas of all, they don't even credit the sites/sources they take info from on their blogs, even though they "claim to when possible". Funny I barely see them credit anyone, which is a huge copyright no-no and makes them pretty much the scum of blogging.

Everyone knows you never forget to credit the original authors. And if they are taking it from other blogs and mags, obtaining the orginal writers info wouldn't be hard at all since they would be ON THE SITE TO COPY THEIR WORK, shoulnd't be too hard to say where you got it. They simply think this mini disclosure on their page is ok enough to cover their butts, and individual credits are not always needed. Apparently, it must be beneath them to do this, you know since the "Work for Summit"

Robsten Gossip should be shut down and the creator of the site should be ashamed of her lying, and lack of ability to even run a site anyone would want to read. Not to mention she should be sued left and right for plagiarism.

On a last, and funny note: I'm a volunteer for Creation Ent, who recently partnered with Summit for their Twi-Tours, the tours of which I will be helping at in October. Does this then mean I can say I work for Summit? (insert laugh) or even better, I volunteer as a host of a family chat board that is owned by Disney so I guess I work for them as well...hahahaha!
Who would have thought I would be so successful....hahahahah!

Bobby Long, In Minneapolis!

What's that? Excuse me? You say you don't know who Bobby Long is? Gasp! Well let me catch you up. The following is taken from

"Bobby Long is a British singer/songwriter from Calne, Wiltshire, South West England. He moved to London to pursue his musical career and is currently pursuing a tour in the United States. He likens his music to “drops of rain on a bull fighters back like punches breaking through a Windy Gail”. Bobby is most well-known for his work on the song “Let Me Sign” which he co-wrote with his friend Marcus Foster and which was performed by Robert Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack."

On the 1st of September I was lucky enough to see him live at (get ready for this...) Gasthof Zur Gemutlichk Restaurant in Minneapolis. Don't ask me to pronounce it...really I have no idea how. The concert itself was set up by a great gal I met via Twi-Tour Minneapolis, Trina. She really does get to have all the fun! No really, I'm talking an extra in New Moon in ITALY! Running into Kristen Stweart in the bathroom and chatting her up for a bit, meeting Ashley Greene....see - all the fun, and that's the very short list of Trina's celeb encounters! (I'm only slightly jealous!)

The concert was great, the music was unbelievable, and Bobby was gracious and greeted each of his fans after the show. I was part of a select lucky few that got to go up after he left to eat and sit with him and chat and take some photos before he ran off to catch his flight to the next show. (All because of the lovely Trina of course!) He was, as everyone is, overjoyed to see my sister in law who won him over with her accent and the fact she is originally from England. They became two peas in a pod after that. I'm only "cool by association" LOL. But as long as it gets me little meet and greets I am ok with that!

Here's a few shots I took of the concert and Bobby with some fans afterward. I can't wait until he come back across the "Dirty Pond" as he would call it, for another American tour and another stop at Gasthof Zur Gemutlichk.