Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone Too Soon.

My post today will not be filled with sarcasm or humor like they normally are. No jokes, no Twilight references, nothing perky or upbeat. I wish, with everything I have that it could be, that I'm not having to remember yet another friend, taken too soon from this life. Eerily in the same way I lost another friend 6 years ago.

Eric Yanka, husband to Gina Yanka., a wonderful long time friend of Alex's, passed away early Sunday morning the 26th of September, in a one car accident in Brained Minnesota. What makes this even sadder then it already is, is that Gina and Eric were married only 14 days prior, They had just returned home from their honeymoon days earlier.

The similarities to a car accident that killed my friend Chad Week 6 years ago are uncanny. Both men got into cars with people who they knew had been drinking, both accidents occurred in a rather rural area. Eric was on his way back to the cabin, Chad was on his way home from a cabin. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene and both, sadly were ejected from the car via the windshield. Both accidents included only the one car.

The driver in both accidents suffered injuries but survived, and in the case of my friend Chad the driver was not charged by request of his parents. In the case of Eric this will not be the case. The driver will be going away for 5-10 years, or so we have have heard.

When things like this happen it's hard to know what to say. How do you comfort a friend that just lost her husband? How do you help her know it will be alright when she will be sending out funeral notices before her thank you cards are even finished being written, when wedding presents are probably still arriving?

My heart goes out to Gina and her family. All my love!


~The Harrison Family~ said...

Ugh. This is just tragic Amber and breaks my heart!! I can not imagine this, I will be praying for Gina and her family.

jason said...

I am a neighbor for these guys up in Hugo and have had the privlage of meeting Eric and his wife. this is a tragic event and prayers are with all those who feel the impact of the loss.

christyd said...

m so sorry to hear this, how awful. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Megan said...

I think of Eric and Gina many times a day. My husband and I shared a driveway with them for 3 years up in Hugo. Eric was a great person and he was always making some comment so that you would laugh. we both miss him so much and just wish that he could still be here with us all today