Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News/ Bad News

The Bad News is, I'm no longer going to Chicago for Twi-Tour. No meet and greets no hanging with Hillywood....nuttin'. My car decided it would be a really good time to crap out on me and all the Chicago money, went to the car....*sniff*

The Good News is my internet bestie is getting me an autographed Bran Hambric book wirtten by Kaleb Nation and a new Hillywood Autograph! Yay!

I gotta try to find the good in everything otherwise I will get all deperessed and mope about the weekend everyone is down there with out me. Chances are I will still be a little bummed during that weekend but I will make it through!

I'm also putting even more effor into planning my birthday party, details are coming together, so many fun ideas that I can do by making things myself! Prom Gazebo, Centerpieces, Place Card Holders - I can't wait!!!

On top of all that a few things I have been waiting for, forever it seems like will being happening on the 1st of October. The first is Nordstrom is releasing their New Moon clothing line, with some AWESOME t-shirts! AND Twilight Scene It comes out! Squeeee!

I know that I am a huge Twilight Dork, and I will make NO apologies for it. I love it, I love my friends who love it and the people I've gotten to meet because of it.

I'm hoping to get myself a part time job, save some $$ and take a trip to Forks with some friends next year and hit up the Con in Minneapolis next June full force!

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