Friday, September 25, 2009

3 Months!

It's a little behind but here's Ellison's 3 month update.

We're having a great time, laughing, squeeling, and her newest thing is trying to eat her hands! She rolls up onto her side and still hates to be laying down, so the rolling over has not been a big success yet, since we can't keep her on her back long with out her telling us about how much she dislikes it!. She just Little Miss Independent!

The sleeping through the night has stopped and we're getting up once between 3-5 each morning, but we're making it through! She goes right back to bed after her bottle and I crash out on the couch while she swings.

Here she is! Growing so very fast!

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ImAprilE said...

She is absolutely precious! Treasure these moments... they pass quickly! Makes me eagerly anticipate having my own someday (soon!).