Friday, August 28, 2009


It took me awhile to get this RSVP laid out. I wanted the "Yes" and "No" portion to be lines from the movie, and as well as I know the books/movie I still had to sift through quote websites for the right one.

The RSVP and the Invite itself still need a little tweeking and touching up here and there, but I have a few days to finish that before I order the invite items.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bless This Baby & Happy Anniversary!

Ellison was baptized on Sunday, the 23rd of August. Mine and Alex's one year wedding anniversary. It was so fun to walk down the same isle again, stand at the front of the church and say "I do" again, only this time in response to the Pastor asking if we would help raise this child in the ways of the church.

She was by far the best dressed baby there, in her English style gown bought by Nanny and Grandad.

We celebrated both our anniversary and the baptism after the church service with a family get together at our place. It was a blast and made all the more special because Alex's brother Matt made the trip in from Washington to attend!

It was difficult to accomplish anything really that day, so I had to take pictures of Ellie in her gown the day after so get these:

And of course, the whole thing wouldn't be complete with out a thank you card made by me for the wonderful family and friends that attended!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Can Never Have Too Many Earings!

I recently met a girl at a Twilight Convention in Minneapolis, and have spent some time on Twitter and Facebook getting to know her.

Just today I found out she makes and sells really beautiful Twilight Inspired jewelry on Etsy. Her items were too cute not to share on here! So stop in ad take a look, at her amazing prices you should pick up one of everything and just be prepared for all occasions!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twilight Party Invites

I priced out stuff for my 30th Birthday invites today on Cards And Pockets and I can not wait to order the material to print them out and assemble them! It's only going to cost about $30.00 total to make the 27 invites I will need.

Here's a Photoshop layout of what the invites will look like.

This is the inside, what it will look like when it's laid flat and open, the white line shows where the card will be folded.

When I have an assembled invite ready to be photographed I will list off the exact sizes, fonts and paper colors I used.

Here's what the outside will look like when it's folded. The red bar is a paper wrap that will hold the card closed. The square on top of it has the Cullen Crest on it, replaced with my last name instead of Cullen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

RobstenGossip = FAIL!

I'm officially done with RobstenGossip, the site hosting the so-called "compitition" I entered over 2 weeks back.

Not only did I never hear anything from them yesterday about the supposed "re-count" they were doing because of my complaint and that of half a dozen angry voters who knew something was fishy (turns out they BLOCKED me a few minutes after my asking about the count). They didn't even show their face on Twitter tonight, yet had time to update their blog this morning. Strange as I recall they were "doing everything they could to fix the issue" and offered to e-mail me the final counted numbers if it would help way I would want each individual e-mail vote generated from the chat box they used for voting so I can count showing me their messed up final count is going to help the situation? How easy is that to fabricate? We need some proof.

To be fair, before telling the world via Twitter about the utter Fail on RobstenGossip's part, I thought of all the possibilities for the bad count. I'm a "benefit of the doubt" kinda girl. But I'm also really hard to lie to and screw over with out me finding out and I could tell that there was something not right with this "contest". Because of that feeling I did a little research last night...

-- The "winner" of the contest has had a Twitter page basically since a just before the contest started, never uses it. She was notified via Twitter that she won, but never said anything back about it - her page is located here: and if she had been told she won, where was the happy thank you and blah blah? She just won a freaking autographed magazine with Rpats and Kstews signatures on it...she should be flipping out!

-- On top of the the so called prize they were giving away I found on Ebay as REPLICA, when RobstenGossip claimed it was one of a kind and signed by Rpats and Kstew and they themself obtained it and I quote "was touched by them" according to the description of it on their site. The marker color, and position of the signatures are EXACT to the one the showed on their site as being the prize!

Here's an ebay link to a current auction for the same magazine!

It's clear this competition was rigged and fake from the start. This is a website that tricked people into thinking there was an awesome prize and then just chose what they wanted anyway to save having to pony up the goods and admit the were liars all along. They were probably trying to get more web page hits to move their site up the list of fan sites....

Oh and best of all, the girl who runs RobstenGossip, says she works for Summit - well if that's the case I can complain directly to them and see how well that goes over. A Summit employees screwing over fans with a bunk contest and fake prize....I bet Summit doesn't want to be associated with someone like this....

So for all my fellow Tweeters out there - this is not Follow Friday, it is offcailly UNFOLLOW Friday of @RobstenGossip for rigging a contest, being liars and ignoring questions and tweets not to mention trying to pass off a fake autograph as a real one.
If you don't tweet contact them via-message and let them know this isn't ok to do to people!

I'm not a sore loser...

Like the title said, I'm not a sore loser - when my loss is legitimate. As you all know I entered a design contest at Robsten Gossip for a new Twitter background. The winner would get an autographed copy of Entertainment Magazine, signed by RPatz and Kstew.

I diligently sat in front of my computer all day and night, voting the "as many times as you can" that was allowed. I was also checking on regular basis to see if any number other then mine (#2) showed up - and except on a random occasion, another number would pop in for 3-4 votes, but never a worry compared to my 300+ a day just from myself.

Not to sound cocky, but I knew I had it in the bag, it would be impossible for me not to win. I even joked with the people running the contest as we've been really friendly on Twitter, asking how far ahead I was. I would have never said something like that with out reason to believe I was actually ahead.

I should explain, in order to let their contestants generate as many votes as possible they set up a chat box, and you could enter your name and the number you voted for with an unlimited number of times allowed to vote. So I could literally scroll up in the live chat box and see clearly there were no other votes for anyone but me for hours and hours.

Now, on top of my hundreds of votes cast each day just by myself, I had at least 5 people who were voting like crazy for me on an hourly basis and the handful of others who would vote daily but do so 10-100 times each time the voted. Never did another number show up to even cast doubt that I wouldn't win.

I confronted Robsten Gossip who said they would recount again last night. This morning still no word from them and they appear to have enough time to count as they are putting up new blog posts and Tweets. I beginning to no longer think they had a delivery mishap of each vote but that something fishy is going on here and I should have won but didn't.

I'm going to go stomp around the house some more and hope that this gets sorted and fast!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moments in Time...

My best customer is back, and she needed an invite for her sons 3rd birthday!

I've worked with her photos to make her several cards over the past 3 years, matter o fact I've covered nearly all the main events in their life!

Austins Birth:
His Christening
His First Birthday
His 3rd Birthday
Not to mention each Holiday since his birth and even a few composites for hanging on the wall and of course Thank You cards to go with each card.

I love working with my little A-Man!

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Months!

Ellison Esme Violet is a very healthy and happy 2 month old now.

We had her appointment with the fantabulous Dr. Brian Cress and all is better then good!

She's weighing in at 10.63 lbs (42%)
Height is 22 inches (33%)
Head Circumference is 14.5 (6%)

And here she is at 2 months, my Little "Newborn" (yes, Twilight thing...shut up!) She is ALL smiles these days, the happiest baby you ever met!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you swing in here, please take two seconds to follow this link and


It's my design! And I want to win more then you know!

Here's the design, what it will look like when it's used on their Twitter Page.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jail Break!

My iPhone is officially Twilight-a-fied! And I Loooove it!

Alex Jail Broke my phone last night after many days of research to make sure he could put it right back to factory settings and that it actually woundn't break my phone as previously thought.

Now my phone is cooler then yours! Check it out!

Here's the main screen when you click the home button to Unlock:

The battery and the service bars are red, the "slide to unlock" red color moves from side to side lighting up as it goes, and my favorite part of this is when you Unlock it says: "Are you afraid?" "No."

One of my main pages, with the infamous Apple and Hands photo,
not all my icons are fixed yet, so I took a picture of one of the pages full of games since all those icons work. I am replacing them all soon with photos from the movie or little apples, not decided yet. (Bear in mind I have a 5 year old who plays games on my phone a

You can also see that my "Dock" or bottom stationary 5 options is different too!

Here's my phone screen:
My Calculator:
This is what shows up in replacement of the Battery when it's pluged in - the Cullen Crest!
Instead of the regular "Loading" image you get, mine is replaced with the Twilight Font

Best of all - when you lock the phone or shut it off it says "You Are My Life Now"

Sigh! I just love my new set up! I think once I get the hang of these new progarms I'll put my design work to use and make some new layouts! Also I want to figure out how to make a new Text tone, so I can replace my Super Mario Brother One Up noise to something when Edward says "Hello"!

I'm off to find new fun things to add to the phone!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm looking over posts realizing I never posted Ellison's birth announcement. Geeze you'd think since I make them I'd want to show it off even more!

Well here it is, I' showing it at the 2 month mark, better late then never I always say.

If you or someone you know is in need of cards of some sort - let me know :0)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Auntie Bang!

You used to watch Friends, right?

Remember the episode where Ross leaves Ben with Monica and Rachel for the afternoon and Monica tosses him in the air, smacking his head on a rafter? Shortly after he starts saying "Monica Bang" over and over?

Yea. I'm now Auntie Bang.

Now I didn't throw Katia in the air and hit her head on anything, I more plowed her over with my fat ass. Total accident, but she cracked her head on the cement and it wasn't a pretty sound and neither was the screaming that ensued shortly after from my poor beat up niece.

Someone step on my foot, I stepped back and WHAM, Baby Down! For the rest of the afternoon I was being teased she was going to have a flat spot on her head, that she should have to wear a helmet around me, or that she would have brain damage from it...


I'm happy to report that she is fine, but that I am now "Auntie Bang" which isn't all that

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay for Today!

I woke up 30 minutes before I needed to be at the salon this morning. I wasn't worried because my fantastic stylist is always running a bit behind. I slapped some make up on my face to help me no feel so BLAH while there and hopping in Alex's new car to drive over.

I was right - Kelly was a little late, but in her defense I'm always a little early. I plopped in my chair equipped with People Magazine and my iPhone, because we know I can't be with out my Twitter! And off we went. Dark burgundy and almost blond hair cut I'm digging my length AND now Kelly and I are having a contest to see who can get our hair to our chest first....

While I sat in the dryer I was given a glass of wine, yes at 10 am - hey it was my momm time! LOL. The anothe rfantabulous stylist there, Leanne asked if I wanted McDonalds (sorry Jillian Michaels, I'm sure eating that while doing the 30 day shred, not so good...but o-well) and off she went for food.

So here I am sitting at the salon, hair being done, numming on some Micky D's and sipping my how trailor park did that and thinking my day coulnd't get much better and then Kelly blow drys my hair and BAM - I'm in love! I've become "Kelly-fied" LOL.
The lighting is kinda suckish...sorry - but really, do you not love it!

Now I KNEW my day couldn't get any better...then I went home....(PS - ignore my zit...LOL)

At home, Alex informs me I am now allowed to get the mail, earlier in the week he told me I couldn't because something was coming for me and I wasn't aloowed to see it. But I guess what it was, was soemthig he coulndn't keep to himself, decided I needed my 1st of 2 anniversary gifts right then and there.

I'll be honest I thought it was a Pocket Edwrad, or maybe a Swan/Black Mortocycle tank top since those were the things that I mentioned that would need to be odered, but no - it was way cooler then that!

It was an autographed photo from the Hillywood Show! EEEEEPPP! Love it! Love them! Love my Husband!
I of course shot straight to Twitter to thank them and to Facebook to upload the photo. He's even going to get me a shelf above my computer for my pictures now, so I can frame them and set them up. The Hillywood one is a great addition to my collection with Gil Brimingham, Christian Serratos, and of course Trent Tomlinson - okay so Trent doens't really fit in there but whatever! LOL

And soon, I'll have a copy of Entertainment magazine to add to this, autographed be Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stweart that I will be winning for a desing contest I did for a Twitter background for Robsten Gossip ( @robstengossip on Twitter)

Here's a screen shot of what it will look like when they have it on their Twitter Page (I used my account though obviously...) I designed the background :0)
I'm a little worried because they have these photos on their background now and I feel like they may want something fingers crossed that I win!!!

So that's the day so far, and now I'm off to my in-laws ina bit to drop off Ellie for her first over night with out me, and to go to DanK Fest - the coolest party around!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Ready to Party..Woot Woot

Now I know my birthday isn't until October but I stumbled across these awesome birthday party supplies the other day and decided that, turning 30 or not, I am having a Twilight Party.

I don't care if the party is the whole family and all my friends, or just cake after dinner with Alex and Paige & Ellie...I'm eating it off these plates!

Let just hope that Birthday Direct has them available in time.

Now, since it's going to be my 30th birthday I have also been looking for a cake...something hopefully someone I know can make because, lets face it this family spends way to much money on cake...LOL! Here's a few dream cakes

This first of course would be a replica of Bella's Cake in New Moon. Again, I remind you that my family spends too much money on cake so this on, officially not an option! Although it looks to be sliced fondont around it, may I could make it...hmmmm *wheels in head begin to spin*
Here's one to bring a little humor to the day, which I would admittedly need, it is the big Three - Oh! Thank you Cullen Boys Anonymous for the photo.

Now you don't just have to read your books, you can eat them too....of course with the "black frosting incident" my sister and I had when making my nieces birthday cookies in May...maybe making this one is not such a good idea...BTW - when adding black dye to white frosting, whenthe dye gets on your finger, don't lick it off. It stains. And tastes kinda bad. (photo from New Moon
These cupcakes look too cute to eat!
And look, this one comes with it's very own "Pocket Edward"

I guess turning the big Three - Oh won't be so bad if I can act like a goofy 13 year old for a little while and have a Twilight party! Don't act like you won't be jealous if you're not invited!