Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jail Break!

My iPhone is officially Twilight-a-fied! And I Loooove it!

Alex Jail Broke my phone last night after many days of research to make sure he could put it right back to factory settings and that it actually woundn't break my phone as previously thought.

Now my phone is cooler then yours! Check it out!

Here's the main screen when you click the home button to Unlock:

The battery and the service bars are red, the "slide to unlock" red color moves from side to side lighting up as it goes, and my favorite part of this is when you Unlock it says: "Are you afraid?" "No."

One of my main pages, with the infamous Apple and Hands photo,
not all my icons are fixed yet, so I took a picture of one of the pages full of games since all those icons work. I am replacing them all soon with photos from the movie or little apples, not decided yet. (Bear in mind I have a 5 year old who plays games on my phone a lot...lol)

You can also see that my "Dock" or bottom stationary 5 options is different too!

Here's my phone screen:
My Calculator:
This is what shows up in replacement of the Battery when it's pluged in - the Cullen Crest!
Instead of the regular "Loading" image you get, mine is replaced with the Twilight Font

Best of all - when you lock the phone or shut it off it says "You Are My Life Now"

Sigh! I just love my new set up! I think once I get the hang of these new progarms I'll put my design work to use and make some new layouts! Also I want to figure out how to make a new Text tone, so I can replace my Super Mario Brother One Up noise to something Twilight....like when Edward says "Hello"!

I'm off to find new fun things to add to the phone!

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Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

OMG. you have to teach me this. I want to HP or RENThead my phone.