Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Ready to Party..Woot Woot

Now I know my birthday isn't until October but I stumbled across these awesome birthday party supplies the other day and decided that, turning 30 or not, I am having a Twilight Party.

I don't care if the party is the whole family and all my friends, or just cake after dinner with Alex and Paige & Ellie...I'm eating it off these plates!

Let just hope that Birthday Direct has them available in time.

Now, since it's going to be my 30th birthday I have also been looking for a cake...something hopefully someone I know can make because, lets face it this family spends way to much money on cake...LOL! Here's a few dream cakes

This first of course would be a replica of Bella's Cake in New Moon. Again, I remind you that my family spends too much money on cake so this on, officially not an option! Although it looks to be sliced fondont around it, may I could make it...hmmmm *wheels in head begin to spin*
Here's one to bring a little humor to the day, which I would admittedly need, it is the big Three - Oh! Thank you Cullen Boys Anonymous for the photo.

Now you don't just have to read your books, you can eat them too....of course with the "black frosting incident" my sister and I had when making my nieces birthday cookies in May...maybe making this one is not such a good idea...BTW - when adding black dye to white frosting, whenthe dye gets on your finger, don't lick it off. It stains. And tastes kinda bad. (photo from New Moon
These cupcakes look too cute to eat!
And look, this one comes with it's very own "Pocket Edward"

I guess turning the big Three - Oh won't be so bad if I can act like a goofy 13 year old for a little while and have a Twilight party! Don't act like you won't be jealous if you're not invited!

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disenchanted said...

ok, the pocket edward or the cupcakes!!! you cannot make your own birthday cake! thats against the rules!