Sunday, August 9, 2009

Auntie Bang!

You used to watch Friends, right?

Remember the episode where Ross leaves Ben with Monica and Rachel for the afternoon and Monica tosses him in the air, smacking his head on a rafter? Shortly after he starts saying "Monica Bang" over and over?

Yea. I'm now Auntie Bang.

Now I didn't throw Katia in the air and hit her head on anything, I more plowed her over with my fat ass. Total accident, but she cracked her head on the cement and it wasn't a pretty sound and neither was the screaming that ensued shortly after from my poor beat up niece.

Someone step on my foot, I stepped back and WHAM, Baby Down! For the rest of the afternoon I was being teased she was going to have a flat spot on her head, that she should have to wear a helmet around me, or that she would have brain damage from it...


I'm happy to report that she is fine, but that I am now "Auntie Bang" which isn't all that

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