Thursday, August 20, 2009

RobstenGossip = FAIL!

I'm officially done with RobstenGossip, the site hosting the so-called "compitition" I entered over 2 weeks back.

Not only did I never hear anything from them yesterday about the supposed "re-count" they were doing because of my complaint and that of half a dozen angry voters who knew something was fishy (turns out they BLOCKED me a few minutes after my asking about the count). They didn't even show their face on Twitter tonight, yet had time to update their blog this morning. Strange as I recall they were "doing everything they could to fix the issue" and offered to e-mail me the final counted numbers if it would help way I would want each individual e-mail vote generated from the chat box they used for voting so I can count showing me their messed up final count is going to help the situation? How easy is that to fabricate? We need some proof.

To be fair, before telling the world via Twitter about the utter Fail on RobstenGossip's part, I thought of all the possibilities for the bad count. I'm a "benefit of the doubt" kinda girl. But I'm also really hard to lie to and screw over with out me finding out and I could tell that there was something not right with this "contest". Because of that feeling I did a little research last night...

-- The "winner" of the contest has had a Twitter page basically since a just before the contest started, never uses it. She was notified via Twitter that she won, but never said anything back about it - her page is located here: and if she had been told she won, where was the happy thank you and blah blah? She just won a freaking autographed magazine with Rpats and Kstews signatures on it...she should be flipping out!

-- On top of the the so called prize they were giving away I found on Ebay as REPLICA, when RobstenGossip claimed it was one of a kind and signed by Rpats and Kstew and they themself obtained it and I quote "was touched by them" according to the description of it on their site. The marker color, and position of the signatures are EXACT to the one the showed on their site as being the prize!

Here's an ebay link to a current auction for the same magazine!

It's clear this competition was rigged and fake from the start. This is a website that tricked people into thinking there was an awesome prize and then just chose what they wanted anyway to save having to pony up the goods and admit the were liars all along. They were probably trying to get more web page hits to move their site up the list of fan sites....

Oh and best of all, the girl who runs RobstenGossip, says she works for Summit - well if that's the case I can complain directly to them and see how well that goes over. A Summit employees screwing over fans with a bunk contest and fake prize....I bet Summit doesn't want to be associated with someone like this....

So for all my fellow Tweeters out there - this is not Follow Friday, it is offcailly UNFOLLOW Friday of @RobstenGossip for rigging a contest, being liars and ignoring questions and tweets not to mention trying to pass off a fake autograph as a real one.
If you don't tweet contact them via-message and let them know this isn't ok to do to people!


Maria said...

ugh RobstenGossip is just horrible for doing that. Hope they lose followers.

mrs shortcake said...

That's so disappointing! I'm really sorry to hear that you lost - and that the contest was so ridiculous!

Amber Sweeney said...

Mrs Shortcake - be sure to keep checking in, I'm planning the 30th birthday party to beat all!!!