Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm not a sore loser...

Like the title said, I'm not a sore loser - when my loss is legitimate. As you all know I entered a design contest at Robsten Gossip for a new Twitter background. The winner would get an autographed copy of Entertainment Magazine, signed by RPatz and Kstew.

I diligently sat in front of my computer all day and night, voting the "as many times as you can" that was allowed. I was also checking on regular basis to see if any number other then mine (#2) showed up - and except on a random occasion, another number would pop in for 3-4 votes, but never a worry compared to my 300+ a day just from myself.

Not to sound cocky, but I knew I had it in the bag, it would be impossible for me not to win. I even joked with the people running the contest as we've been really friendly on Twitter, asking how far ahead I was. I would have never said something like that with out reason to believe I was actually ahead.

I should explain, in order to let their contestants generate as many votes as possible they set up a chat box, and you could enter your name and the number you voted for with an unlimited number of times allowed to vote. So I could literally scroll up in the live chat box and see clearly there were no other votes for anyone but me for hours and hours.

Now, on top of my hundreds of votes cast each day just by myself, I had at least 5 people who were voting like crazy for me on an hourly basis and the handful of others who would vote daily but do so 10-100 times each time the voted. Never did another number show up to even cast doubt that I wouldn't win.

I confronted Robsten Gossip who said they would recount again last night. This morning still no word from them and they appear to have enough time to count as they are putting up new blog posts and Tweets. I beginning to no longer think they had a delivery mishap of each vote but that something fishy is going on here and I should have won but didn't.

I'm going to go stomp around the house some more and hope that this gets sorted and fast!

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