{About Me}

This Is Me:
If you're reading my blog and don't know me personally, a little insight into who I am might make this blog more enjoyable for you!

I'm 30 (almost 31...) I was terrified to turn 30 and wound up having the best year ever. I am sarcastic, blunt and loud. If you don't like it - leave. I love the color pink, Twilight, clearance racks, Cherry Garcia Ice Cream. I am organized in a chaos theory kind of way and was wearing Converse under my dresses before Kristen Stewart was even out of elementary school. I enjoy watching Supernatural, eating things that are not healthy for me and p[laying Farmville.

I don't tan, I burn. I don't read books, I devour them. I am not arguing with you, I am explaining why I am right.

All in all, I'm a normal every day sort of person. I love my family and my friends and thank God for every day I have with them.

Photo taken by www.karilaylandphotography.com 

This is My Family: 

My wonderful husband of 2 years, Alex. We get divorced on a regular basis...I think it keeps the relationship on it's toes...LOL 
My two wonderful daughters Paige and Ellie who are my life and will more then likely fill up this blog, when I'm not complaining or talking about Twilight!

(picture to come soon of them all together...realized I don't have one of just those 3...what a crap wife I am!)