Friday, December 31, 2010

104 in 365

So I started a new blog. Yes, because I am crazy in fact. Don't worry I will still neglect this one as much as I do now, but if you miss my wit and banter and like reading you might like my new blog one hundred&four in three sixty five .

The blog will contain my recap of the 104 books I intend to read over the next year. I know, because adding a blog to my everyday life isn't bad enough now I'm going to cram 104 books into it as well....what can I say, stress helps me lose weight.

If you too like to try crazy things, then join up the 104 Book Challenge on

I will assume that if you do not join the group that you are just to scared of failure to even attempt it. Hang you head in shame now.....hang I said!

Well I am off, I have books to read and a house to clean, in that order.