Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay for Today!

I woke up 30 minutes before I needed to be at the salon this morning. I wasn't worried because my fantastic stylist is always running a bit behind. I slapped some make up on my face to help me no feel so BLAH while there and hopping in Alex's new car to drive over.

I was right - Kelly was a little late, but in her defense I'm always a little early. I plopped in my chair equipped with People Magazine and my iPhone, because we know I can't be with out my Twitter! And off we went. Dark burgundy and almost blond hair cut I'm digging my length AND now Kelly and I are having a contest to see who can get our hair to our chest first....

While I sat in the dryer I was given a glass of wine, yes at 10 am - hey it was my momm time! LOL. The anothe rfantabulous stylist there, Leanne asked if I wanted McDonalds (sorry Jillian Michaels, I'm sure eating that while doing the 30 day shred, not so good...but o-well) and off she went for food.

So here I am sitting at the salon, hair being done, numming on some Micky D's and sipping my how trailor park did that and thinking my day coulnd't get much better and then Kelly blow drys my hair and BAM - I'm in love! I've become "Kelly-fied" LOL.
The lighting is kinda suckish...sorry - but really, do you not love it!

Now I KNEW my day couldn't get any better...then I went home....(PS - ignore my zit...LOL)

At home, Alex informs me I am now allowed to get the mail, earlier in the week he told me I couldn't because something was coming for me and I wasn't aloowed to see it. But I guess what it was, was soemthig he coulndn't keep to himself, decided I needed my 1st of 2 anniversary gifts right then and there.

I'll be honest I thought it was a Pocket Edwrad, or maybe a Swan/Black Mortocycle tank top since those were the things that I mentioned that would need to be odered, but no - it was way cooler then that!

It was an autographed photo from the Hillywood Show! EEEEEPPP! Love it! Love them! Love my Husband!
I of course shot straight to Twitter to thank them and to Facebook to upload the photo. He's even going to get me a shelf above my computer for my pictures now, so I can frame them and set them up. The Hillywood one is a great addition to my collection with Gil Brimingham, Christian Serratos, and of course Trent Tomlinson - okay so Trent doens't really fit in there but whatever! LOL

And soon, I'll have a copy of Entertainment magazine to add to this, autographed be Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stweart that I will be winning for a desing contest I did for a Twitter background for Robsten Gossip ( @robstengossip on Twitter)

Here's a screen shot of what it will look like when they have it on their Twitter Page (I used my account though obviously...) I designed the background :0)
I'm a little worried because they have these photos on their background now and I feel like they may want something fingers crossed that I win!!!

So that's the day so far, and now I'm off to my in-laws ina bit to drop off Ellie for her first over night with out me, and to go to DanK Fest - the coolest party around!

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Emma said...

all I get is a coffee and choclate biscuit at the hairdressers!