Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Months!

Ellison Esme Violet is a very healthy and happy 2 month old now.

We had her appointment with the fantabulous Dr. Brian Cress and all is better then good!

She's weighing in at 10.63 lbs (42%)
Height is 22 inches (33%)
Head Circumference is 14.5 (6%)

And here she is at 2 months, my Little "Newborn" (yes, Twilight thing...shut up!) She is ALL smiles these days, the happiest baby you ever met!


Anonymous said...

Love Dr. Cress- He was Rowan's pediatrician but was so popular we had to fight to get an appointment with him so we switched to Groves, who we also love.
Yay for 2 months, Ellie!

disenchanted said...


i love how you just have red satin laying around...

Amber Sweeney said...

I had it from when I took Paige's Valentines Photos when she was like 9 months old! LOL.