Friday, September 4, 2009

Walking Contradiction! Another Installment of RobstenGossip FAIL!

You all know I have it out for for basically being an ass sore on the butt of all humanity. Not to mention one of the worst fan blogs there is for "Robsten". It all stems from their fake contest and fake autograph prize. See other posts about them Here, and Here to get the whole story.

Well, as I have been faithfully keeping my "UNFOLLOW Friday" on Twitter of them, and getting good response from people - I am now out to make sure the masses actually understand that this web site is not only just a flat out rip off of every other website out there, but that the people running it are lame, lying, manipulative idiots who don't cover their tracks very well.

Exibit A: Scarlett-Rose (the web sites creator) claims to work for Summit Entertainment as shown here by the screen shot of their profile off my Tweet Deck: You too can see this by searching them on Twitter @RobstenGossip (click any photo to enlarge & read)
Because of this many Tweeters actually believe they work for them. What most of those sweet, yet gullible people don't understand is that IF they really did work for them, not only would they not be able to post any "inside goss", even if they obtained it because of Non-Disclosure Agreements Summit has employees sign - but they probably wouldn't list them self as "working for Summit to get inside goss" because they would be fired immediately for taking the job for their own personal reasons.

EXIBIT B: If you go to their website, you will plainly see this on their "About Us" Page: They opening admit to copying all their info on their site from other fan sites, and do not actually write anything them self. Again this is a direct screen shot of the page and I do have the whole page screen shot if you need to see it just let me know. (please click photo to enlarge and read)

If they actually worked for Summit to "get the inside goss", (let's just say for a minute that Summit wouldn't fire and sue them for sharing inside info, for the sake of this statement) then why would they need to start a web page where they simply go out to other sites, copy what they wrote and paste it into theirs?

Talk about a contradiction! "Hey we work for Summit but can't come up with our own news!"

And in the the biggest faux pas of all, they don't even credit the sites/sources they take info from on their blogs, even though they "claim to when possible". Funny I barely see them credit anyone, which is a huge copyright no-no and makes them pretty much the scum of blogging.

Everyone knows you never forget to credit the original authors. And if they are taking it from other blogs and mags, obtaining the orginal writers info wouldn't be hard at all since they would be ON THE SITE TO COPY THEIR WORK, shoulnd't be too hard to say where you got it. They simply think this mini disclosure on their page is ok enough to cover their butts, and individual credits are not always needed. Apparently, it must be beneath them to do this, you know since the "Work for Summit"

Robsten Gossip should be shut down and the creator of the site should be ashamed of her lying, and lack of ability to even run a site anyone would want to read. Not to mention she should be sued left and right for plagiarism.

On a last, and funny note: I'm a volunteer for Creation Ent, who recently partnered with Summit for their Twi-Tours, the tours of which I will be helping at in October. Does this then mean I can say I work for Summit? (insert laugh) or even better, I volunteer as a host of a family chat board that is owned by Disney so I guess I work for them as well...hahahaha!
Who would have thought I would be so successful....hahahahah!

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