Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Stephanie Meyer's Day!

OME! I had a great Stephanie Meyer day, even if I wasn't in Forks to celebrate. It was also Bella's birthday (for those of you counting she would be 22 in human years having been born on Sept, 13, 1987)

What do you do on Stephanie Meyer day when you live 1842 miles away from that tiny town covered by a near constant cover of rain and clouds? You attend an awesome party is what you do!

Great friends Maggie and Liz, invited everyone over to the Twi-partment to celebrate. One Twi-mate was missing in action; Trina, something about being in New York and near the red carpet for the 2009 VMA's seemed more fun then hanging with us....*insert jealous look here*. We had her there in spirit, her photo was on the wall!!!

Highlights of the night: (in no particular order, of course)

  • Maddie jumping out from behind Edward and scaring the piss out of Maggie
  • Stories from Italy, particularly the ones including what a metal chair sounds like being drug across a metal patio! And learing about the places "Rob would totally eat at" (seriously I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life!
  • "Charlie Swan" wine, "Mike Newtons", Grizzly Grahms, and dirt balls!
  • Winning 1 of the 2 costume contests prizes dressed as Jessica Stanley
  • The prom gazebo set up in the living room!
  • The butt dance
  • Bathroom Notes
  • Maggie's British accent
  • Peter's Table cloth (see photo)
I will be shamelessly stealing several of their ideas for my party coming up in October! LOL.

Here's a few shots from the night. I was working with a dying camera battery, bercause I'm an idiot and didn't charge it....I know, total fail on my part...but I got a little bit of everything!

I totally meant to snag one of these awesome cookie Maddie brought! Damn it. The cake was awesome!
Check the Gazebo.....(*cue Iron & Wine)
Broken Glass! Candles! Flowers!
Mike Newtons, Vampire Chocolate in Fido dishes!
Charlie Swan Wine in what I like to call "Maggies Wine Rack" haha!
Liz's costume malfunction - damn human...bleeding all over the place!
All The Ladies and Mr. Sparkles himself!
I would love to show you what I looked like before I was sweaty and gross and when my hair actually didn't need a bump it....but the only photo I have of me looks like total ass, so reserve the right not to post it! But as an added bonus here's Peter Facinelli's table cloth he gave to Maggie....yes he actually wrote on it with marker...I love the vampire doodle!

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LobotoME said...

Love this party & love your RSVP card!