Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did I Over Bake The Baby?

Last night about 11 I went upstairs to watch some TV, and wound up putzing around with my iPhone for a while instead. I was thrilled when I stumbled into You Tube and found a relatively clear section of the movie Twilight was I watched it. Having read the book, the bits before hand that I missed were no big deal..the sections were in 10 minute incriminates.

I watched 2 sections on my phone before I realized my lap top was next to the bed, and quickly booted it up to find the next section.

I watched the whole movie like this, on a tiny screen, in 10 minute sections and until the last 20 minutes I had been comfortably laying on my side while the computer was sitting on the bed next to me. When this became painful, I rolled to my back and sat the computer on top of my belly to finish off the movie.

When it was all done, I reached for the computer and noticed how warm I was, the heat from it was radiating through me - I was boiling! And then it hit me - OH CRAP! the computer was sitting on my stomach! And the baby! There was a blanket and a thin sheet between the tow (with out which I would have sustained 3rd degree burns I'm sure) Shoving the computer off my stomach I reached down and it was as if I had been standing on a volcano for 20 minutes. I flopped to my left side and the baby went nuts kicking and punching, obviously not a huge fan of the terrible heat either.

I panicked...did I boil her? I mean we're not even supposed to take extra warm baths or use heating pads while pregnant, never mind putting a direct heat source on them for 20 minutes! The baby was moving, so that was a good sign. I stayed up for another 20 minutes double checking, and finally going to sleep at about 3 am...still worried.

Now I'm paranoid my child is going to born with some weird disorder....or possibly shift into a werewolf in her later years (Twilight the book and you'll get it) How terrible is the fact I'm going to have to explain to my doctor that I may have damaged my child to watch a crappy version of a teenagers movie on You Tube.



Camera Dan said...

Yeah wow. Makes for a good story though! Make sure to tell it to her teachers in High School!

Amber Sweeney said...

Haha, maybe it was like a super hero accident and she'll be amazingly smart....did you think of that one...:0) LOL!

Camera Dan said...

Thats a possibility as well! We'll have to talk when I get home (about the wall downstairs) Alex is going to need a Bday present...

Camera Dan said...

No, Like a week or two after :(