Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decisions! Decisions! You Decide!

On the 27th Alex and I are having our photos taken by our favorite photographer Kari Layland. She's captured so many special moments in our life, it's only right she capture our pregnancy and of course the birth of our baby girl.

I hope to grace the birth announcements with some of these wonderful baby photos she will be taking, not only to show off our newest family addition, but to show off Kari's work because I'm a shameless promoter of my friends!

Anyway, a while back, if you recall, I posted some possible birth announcement choices, and now I have a few more to put up for a vote So let me know what you think! I'm going to take the highest voted from the last round, and this round and pick from those!

Option 1
This is a panel card, you're looking at the front (left) and back (right) of the card

Option 2
Would be made in the 5x7 size. Only one sided.

Option #3
One sided, in a 5x7 size

All cards are the property of the copyright holders.


disenchanted said...

def option 3! you've gone off Ayla now? what about a family name?

Anonymous said...

Yeah we have a family name in the middle (Violet) and there were a few family ones I liked, but Alex wasn't to thrilled about....we have another option but now we're cutting our losses and waiting until she's born to see which name she is I think...since we keep telling everyone what the name is then changing

LeAnna said...

OOH! I like #1! You know I always like lots of pictures on my cards and it is mainly due to the fact that I cant ever chose just 3 or 4 that I like! When its a baby announcement, I think everyone that you send it to likes to look at all the little details. My second choice would be #3.

disenchanted said...

my boyf is routing for Aloysius when we have a boy. for a girl i was stuck on Riley Sofia Grace, and have suddenly spun off to Serendipity, (its popped up so many times this past 2 weeks, that i think its kinda, well, serendipity that its happened) another i like is Megan James.

and im not even pregnant.