Friday, March 6, 2009

Could It Get Cuter?

Today Paige was asked out on her first date.

No, you didn't slip into a weird coma where 10 years suddenly passed, she really is still just barely 5. The whole situation was so cute!

There's a little boy in her preschool class named Michael who is just "in love" with her. His mom and I talk about it all the time and how adorable the little crush is.

Today Paige was upset with me because I wouldn't take her to see the 8 grade production of The Music Man. I could tell her fever was coming back and she clearly had not yet recovered totally from her tummy flu she had earlier this week. Michael had come up to us and stood quietly as Paige talked to me, she knew he was there and almost refused to turn around, suddenly shy. She just looked at me. I greeted Michael and he asked Paige if she was going to the play that evening. Still mad at me she refused to answer him, so I did. I politely let him know we wouldn't be able to go. He stood there a moment, then very sweetly looked at me and said,

"I could take her to the play tonight."

His mom and I arranged a pick up, she offered to bring Paige with, she too thought the request of her son was too cute. I agreed that if she wanted to go, and if her fever was high when we got home it was fine with me. Unfortunately her fever was a little too high, and due to that she had an over emotional break down when I asked her if she wanted to go with, and cried. Which normally she wouldn't do with the option to go out with a friend from school - even on who's "in love" with her.

I really did think that it would be a few more years before she was "asked out", but this was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Paige will be hearing this story for years and years to come , that's for sure!

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LeAnna said...

Oh, that is too cute! Ya'll may have a little heartbreaker on your hands!!