Monday, March 2, 2009

Paper or Plastic?

Why do I always get stuck in the one check out lane with either the "new guy" working the scanner, or "Mrs. Older Than Dirt", heck I even seem to be a magnate for "Pissy Teenager with First Job"! It never fails.

Sunday night at Target I was waiting in line, with one person in front of me who had maybe 20 items total. The check out woman was about 9 million years old and had some form of OCD that required her to pack and re-pack several of the items.

This annoying little quirk wasn't even the worst of it. After 10 minutes, the clerk reached the groceries portion of this womans purchase and she proceeded to open the plastic bag of apples, remove each one, and cross reference the stickers on them - to make sure they were all the same brand! There were 8 apples, 2 apparently were Large Galas, not Pink Lady's and the clerk breathed a sigh of relief of finding this. The woman being checked out was not only offended but irritated at the delay - as were the rest of us! She clerk treated her like she was trying to smuggle something out of the store!

After the "Apple Smuggler" had paid and gone, it was mine and Alex's turn. I excused myself to get more water in my glass from the cafe and when I came back Alex was trying his damnedest not to laugh out loud. It wasn't until we were in the car he explained that while the items piled up after she scanned them, he reached for the gallon of milk to put it in the cart and the woman stopped him, she claimed she had the arrangement of the items all planned out in her head and would have it all done "as conveniently" as possible for us, and that she had it all under control. What a nut case.

I have added a new face to the "avoid at all cost" list while checking out at Target from now on!

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