Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stupid Little Scale Say Whaaaaaaat?

Okay. before you get all "Shut Up You Skinny Bitch" on me, hear me out...

I AM a small person, I have a small framed family that in general has a hard time putting and keeping weight on. I know this. It is for that fact alone that when I do gain weight, even when I'm supposed to, it's a wee bit shocking to see the numbers on the scale creep up.

So when I was stomping on the scale in the beginning of my pregnancy, praying for one more pound to clear that 130lb mark because I feared I wasn't gaining fast enough, I should have known the day would come where I would wish that I could still gain and not have to look at the number...
I passed that 130 mark at 23 weeks by the way (a total of 5 pounds from my starting weight) and then I stopped getting on the scale so much. I shouldn't have done that, because in 2 weeks I gained 7 lbs, do the math - that's .5 lbs each day for 2 weeks! So seeing 137 was a wee bit shocking for me.

Now yes, I get - I'm pregnant, I'm not saying I'm fat I'm just saying....I won't be waiting 2 weeks to get on the scale again so that I don't see a jump like that again.


Kelly said...

Good for you- keep gaining you skinny bitch! just kidding :)

disenchanted said...


KellyD said...

Hi Amber!

We were on the Jan-Apr 2004 babyzone board.
Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I am the same way, it is hard to gain weight, but I gained 43lbs with each one of my pregnancies.

It is ok, if you gain, you have a reason to!!