Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Doctor Said It Was Ok

As mentioned in a previous post, I had my 25 week pregnancy check up yesterday. I brought Paige with and Alex met us there on his way home from work. It worked out great because I was about ready to fall asleep as it was and at least now he could keep an eye on her and play "Dress Chica the Chicken" on my iPhone with her - I was growing irritated with it.

The nurse forgot to weigh me, and I thought it was a blessing in disguise but realized her mistake and took me back to the scale. Low and behold I had actually gained 2 lbs since the last appointment! It's a miracle! I guess all the boxes of Shells & Cheese and Big Macs are finally paying off. Though I must not be gaining fast enough because my doctor slid over on her chair to Paige, who was quite happy with her Chicken Game, and asked her if she could make sure her and I eat ice cream every single day together.

Paige looked up and said very calmly "I don't think that I can do that"

The Doctor was a little shocked, what 4 year old doesn't want ice cream every day? LOL, she asked her why and Paige retorted "Because I might get sick"

We all cracked up, and the doctor said "Okay then well make sure mommy has some every day and maybe you can share her's then you won't get sick, ok?" and Paige just looked at her and smiled and said "Ok" almost as if to be humoring her.

Aside from all the humor in the appointment, things are looking good with the baby. I'm still a little small to be measuring my tummy (fundal size) but they did for the sake of the medical student that was with my doc. "And this is what a below average 6 month pregnant womans stomach looks like" I could hear her thinking it....lol.

Ayla had the hiccups and her heart rate was 139. Good and strong and they found it right away. She's been moving up a storm in there, and I have a strong feeling that she's going to be a mover when she's born too. God help us! :0) Our next appointment is in 4 weeks, and we'll have that ultra sound to check out the placenta privia and find out of I need a c-section or not. Let's hope not!!


disenchanted said...

what did the doc say regarding the laptop? why are you so underweight that your doc is making you have ice cream every day? ooooh make fluff crispie cakes! x

disenchanted said...

when i say fluff i mean http://www.marshmallowfluff.com/, not just like, carpet fluff... x

Amber Sweeney said...

I'm just a small person, I didn't gain a lot with my other 2 pregnancies either. I think she's just trying to break the cycle :0)

The lap top thing, well basically after she laughed at me she told me not to do it again. Everything would be fine. I'm really happy she found humor in it, and didn't call child protective services....LOL.

disenchanted said...

haha, i wouldnt think she would have done that! i cant think of anything really fattening lol, er... toasted cheese and ham sandwiches? jell-o and whipped cream? cheesecake (aw man, cheesecake!) carrot-cake with much frosting? x

Amber Sweeney said...

Velveeta Shells and Cheese is something like 320 per box, and then a Big Mac....I've also been eating cookies like there's going to be a shortage soon and as usual I can't get enough carbs....mmmmm bread! LOL.

I'm eating, it's just the baby is getting it faster then I can put it in! LOL.

disenchanted said...

aw im jealous! if i bake pumpkin bread (my recipe makes 12 muffins) and i eat 6 over the week i put on loads! if i could eat it with cream cheese icing, it would go and i so would! but im allergic to dairy... i never thought id wish this on someone but i hope you put on weight soon! (and loose it after Ayla's born!)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

You must be raising Paige well for her to decline ice cream everyday! :) Glad all is well and that your mind can be at ease now about the laptop thing you goof! ;) Praying for a natural delivery for you!