Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You're A Bad Parent!

I'm the type of mom who doesn't find leaving my child alone, anywhere, is safe these days. If it was legal to low-jack my kids, I probably would. So when people leave their children unattended, especially very young kids, in even what seems the most secure of places it really gets on my nerves. I feel this unneeded desire to watch them even though I wasn't asked to.

This morning at school was one of those cases. Paige is in Pre-K, there are 2 Pre-K classes in the school and the parents must accompany the children to their class and wait with them in the hall until the teacher allows them in. This is because the kids are mostly 3, 4 and 5. This makes 100% total sense to me, and most of the other parents.

There's always one exception though isn't there?

There is an older gentlemen who appears to be the grandparent of 3 of the kids in the other Pre-K class. Everyday, he pulls up in his small, 4 door 1999 Chevy arriving usually just behind me. I have to back up and turn around to park on the one way road. Instead of waiting 3 seconds while I complete the maneuver he squeezes around me on the tiny road to steal the spot I was pulling into. When he's parked he doesn't wait for the kids, or help the out of the car. Lets the run out in the street to the front door. And I'd bet good money that there aren't any booster seats in the back of that car way they would all fit in this tiny, safety outdated car.

Often I reach the school door before he does and the 3 plow over me, and Paige to get in the door. Not one of the kids says thank you, and often he shoves past me to get in before me as well, and of course there are no kind words from him either. I don't mind holding a door, but when the pregnant woman is standing in the cold every morning hold the doors for you and your kids, Thank You just once would be nice.

As if all this wasn't enough me for me to try to adopt the poor kids, today he left them at the school during the waiting period before class. He didn't tell anyone, ask anyone to watch them and as this hall way is set up the door to the outside is right there. There may be a dozen or more parents in that hall way, but all are concerned with their child and getting them in or out of snow clothes and sorting out library books. If someone was to run out - it would go unnoticed.

I thought I was just missing him, that he slipped around a corner or something, until 2 other moms starting talking in disgust about how he could do that! I don't even think he let the kids know he was leaving because the one girl seemed distraught and confused when she didn't see him and he certainly didn't ask one of the other parents to keep an eye on them because soon the whole hall was discussing the issue. He just walked out, not telling anyone or even the little ones he was in charge of.

I guess I put too much faith in the parents of the kids around me when Paige started school. I don't even want to think about what I'm going to encounter as she gets older. Stupidity is everywhere, I guess I better get used to it.

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