Friday, March 13, 2009

The Name Game

Alex and I have been having the hardest time naming this baby! I think we've changed it now, 3 times total. And once again we've decided that the name we picked, that we were SO sure of, just may not be it. Naming Paige was never this difficult for me, her name was always just Paige, no second thoughts, nothing. This inability to connect enough with my baby to name her is really a new concept for me I'm not yet used to.

We started with Reagan Louisa, but in calling her that it never felt right. We both admitted it never was "quite right"

We then moved to Ayla Violet, and we were sure that was it - calling her that was easy and it felt right. Then I started to have second thoughts about it.

Now we're on to another name, hoping that by not telling anyone really that the name will stick. But more importantly we are waiting until she is born to see her and find out exactly what her name is. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll come out with a name tag on!

Until then, we are calling her "Baby".


LZ said...

How about Renesemee?

LOL...sorry...couldn't help myself. Only because I know you will totally know what I'm talking about. ;-)

I can't even name my pets, can't imagine naming my child!

disenchanted said...

have you thought about
Alice... or Ashley?
Rosalie... or Nikki?
Bella... or Kristen?
Esme... or Elizabath?
haha you gotta admit theyve been a big part of your pregnancy!
Esme Violet sounds nice...? x

Amber Sweeney said...

Alice was on our list actually, long before the books. It's a family name.

Ashley is my sisters name, but it was considered non the less, spelled differently :0)

And I do actually like Esme, but DH was totally against it even making it to the "maybe list"

Besides I don't need the stigma of naming a kid after a book chrachter, to this day some people still think I named Paige after one of the girls in the TV show Charmed!