Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look Up In The Sky! It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A ____?!

A few days back I was driving home from Cub with Paige in the backseat. She was going on about the shapes she could see in the clouds, so I opened the sun roof for a better view and she was of and running again, her imagination never takes a break!

I concentrated on driving as she told me all the things she saw, A Bunny in a House, a dragon, a cat with claws and a Pecker.

Nearly rear ending the guy in front of me then missing a green light, I spun around in me seat and tried not to laugh hysterically as I said, "Um, hunny I don't know what those look like. What is it again?" no need to give her more info then she needs, just in case she wasn't really talking about, what it is I thought she was talking about.

"You know mom, a peck-er" she looked at me with that exasperated look I don't expect til her teenage years, and emphasized each syllable sharply.

I wasn't looking directly at her anymore because I was back to driving us home, but I looked at her through my back seat mirror I have and tried again, "Well tell me what they look like"

She sighed in a way that suggested simply she knew more then me, and was irritated to have to explain such a mundane piece of information to her mom. I expect I'll get more of this in her later years as well. She finally leads into her description "You know, a Pecker. Those birds that sit on the trees and peck holes in them. A Pecker?" She almost asked the last part, like she was trying to see if I followed.

I could no longer hold my laughter in, partly out of relief and said "OH! A WOOD Pecker!, sure hunny I know what those are"

She looked at me from the backseat trying not to show that she was a bit cheesed that I had corrected her. "Yes mom. A Wood Pecker. That's what I said"

That's a 4 year old for you. Sheesh. The trouble I have to go through to get an explanation out of her :0)

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Lmarie said...

Haha ... so cute! There's one to file away and laugh about when she's a teenager. ;)