Monday, October 25, 2010

Losing Your Author Virginity

My birthday party was canceled due to weather, my sitter falling through at the last minute and that rascally migraine creeping back up on me. I wasn't too upset, I mean it's my 31st - not like it was my 21st (aww shit, that was 10 years ago, a decade....*feeling of old settling in*)

Luckily, the night before the party was awesome and helped make up for the lack of partying down. Now brace yourselves, I realize this entry may not make YOU jump out of your skin quite like it did to me but I'm posting it anyway and there will be no humorous stories about my children or situations from daily life explained with an overuse of satire. Should this list of absent items not have made you run off I might be able to further entice you into stayingand reading by noting that this entry has nothing to do with Twilight. Ahhh, see I knew that would catch you.

So, Friday night, yes here we go.

Amy, Nikki and Christy and I set off to Minneapolis for a discussion and book signing with The Merry Sisters of Fate: Tessa Gratton, Maggie Stiefvater and Brenna Yovanoff. (If you don't know who these girls are, it is your duty to go fotrth and buy every word they have written and read. Read damn you, read!)

Amy called this "Losing my Author Virginity" because I had never before met an author. Movie stars, pshhh sure but never an actual, live in the flesh author! Not only did I meet them I spoke to them (with only partially geeking out) and even got their autographs in their respective books. Well except in the case of Tessa, who's book isn't out yet. Amy was smart enough however to print off her book cover and so she's signed that for me instead.

They were all kind enough to take group and individual photos with us and even participated in some general chit chat. It was a great evening, I even learned a lot from the discussion on good critique partners - and to be honest I wasn't sure I'd take anything away from the discussion. Mostly because before I got there I had no idea what the topic was....

Anyway - to visit these ladies individually or all together follow these links.

The Merry Sisters of Fate Live Journal (full of awesome short stories!)

Maggie Stiefvater and her books Shiver, Linger and Forever

Tessa Gratton and her forthcoming book Blood Magic

Brenna Yovanoff and her book The Replacement

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