Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Road Trip!

As you may have noticed from my last blog, Alex and I went to Duluth to see Rodney Carrington this past weekend. We had a great drive up, it only took about an hour and a half to get there. I don't know how fast Alex was going....I kept passed out like a sophomore at a frat party about half way up.

When we got into town we found out hotel we booked through Orbitz, to save money we opted for a Motel....sad I know. I should have known things were not going to go so well when we asked to have the wireless internet charge added to our room for the 2 days we would be there and were told that "It's not yet available in the smoking rooms"


So we asked for a non-smoking room, because we requested one in the first place, and were told that there were none available. Why is it no matter what room type you ask for you almost never get it?

We just decided to let it go and made it up the death stairs to our room. Before the door was completely opened I was gagging. Yay for pregnancy gag reflex!

The beds I kid you not, sagged in the middle and the comforters were so worn and gross it was like they had never been washed. The room smelled like someone chain smoked a carton of smokes, sealed the room then opened 150 years later..HACK! I'm going to puke just thinking about it. I don't even want to think about what I would have found with a black light in there...

Needless to say, we left, got our money back and checked into a much nicer place that was double the cost per night, but clean.

Things went well after the motel from hell experiance, here's a few shots from the weekend!

Our Upgraded Hotel from the crap Motel. The Suites in Duluth, every room has a jacuzzi in the bedroom, a mini kitchen complete with plates, cuts, silverware, everything. It was great! A little plain....but more like your first apartment!

I look like pure crap in this photo...I believe if you look hard enough my undies are even hanging out...but I post it to point out that I had to perch the camera on a rock, push the timer button , run downhill on jagged rocks in my Converse (no traction) PREGNANT to take it...and this was take 2 because the first time I didn't hit the timer button hard enough. Alex could have jumped in....lol realized that AFTER the pic was taken.

Here's the Largest Boat on the Great Lakes coming into harbor at Duluth. It was INSAINE! I thought it was going to take out the lift bridge more then once!

The Lift Bridge, that the boat above went under.

The Glensheen Mansion in Duluth - beautiful! This is the front door.

Stone Bridge on Glensheen property that lead to the Scandinavian Cemetary

Arbor in the garden - I want one of these in my yard!

Engor Park, on the top of Duluth. This tower is there and it's cool...but hiking up those stairs was annoying! LOL And man it was windy!

shot from the top!

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