Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Offcial Maternity Photos!

They are here!! The ever fabulous Kari Layland has once again taken some amazing photos of Alex and I, marking another milestones in our life together.

Here's a few of our favorites from the photo soot, I'm 28 weeks along in these photos.

And just for fun, to capture the patience my husband has had with me through this whole "Twilight Addiction" I thought we'd mark the moment with a few, appropriate photos :0)
All photos copyright of Kari Layland Photography www.kariphotography.com


Kelly said...

Lookin good! You're so one of those "cute" pregnant girls! Good luck!

hwong14 said...


disenchanted said...

i love the bottom one!

LeAnna said...

The Twilight pics are too funny!

Matthew Sweeney said...

Haha u dorks! =)

No seriously I love you both =p