Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Got To Be A Girl

As of late, I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping, anything food related has made me run in the opposite direction and because of that I haven't been putting on weight.

All of this was a bit odd to me. I didn't remember any of this from my last 2 rounds of being pregnant (though admittedly my long term memory can be patchy and I often remember odd and useless things over the helpful.) and of course went in to the doc to be reassured I'm not a total lunatic (I'm shush!) it turns out I didn't even need the doctors appointment. If I had just pulled out my keepsake calendar I used while pregnant with Paige in 2004, I would have had all the reassurance I needed - and realized I was probably having a girl again....

Here's a short run down on my 40 weeks pregnant with Paige, see the purple info next to the weeks to see whats going on with me NOW compared to then which is in black.....

- I was 7 and 3/4 toilet paper squares around I started out at 8 and 1/4 this pregnancy
(in my due date club we all measured on Tuesdays how many squares we were, it was the only thing in the house we all had the same thing of - it was called Toilet Paper Tuesday)

WEEK 7 - Started not being able to sleep at night, wasn't hungry for anything.

WEEK 13 - Already had the baby's room painted! Right now, we don't even know where we're going to actually PUT this baby let alone have the room painted!

WEEK 17 - Wore first Maternity clothes, but could still wear my regular stuff mostly. Yeah, I was in maternity clothes this time around at 10 week!

WEEK 23 - FINALLY put on 5 pounds. Baby's heart rate was 150

WEEK 26 - 9 Toilet Paper Squares around At 14 weeks this time I'm already 9 and 1/4

WEEK 30 - Baby Shower

WEEK 32 - Put on 10 pounds, baby's heart rate was 150

WEEK 38 - Last recorded Toilet Paper Measure - at a 10

WEEK 40 - Baby born

So far this baby's heart rate has been about 150. I can't sleep, all food is gross....we'll see how long it takes me to put on that sacred 5 lbs...

I don't recall any of this with pregnancy number 1, even though it was so long ago. I do very much remember being bellied up to the counter of Joseph's Restaurant in Stillwater MN, slamming back milk shakes, baskets of fires and fresh strawberry pie almost EVERY day! I'm guessing that weight gain thing wasn't an issue with the boy....and even though I was 17 I don't recall nor does my family whom I lived with at the time, of me having any sleepless nights...

I'm pretty much convinced it's a Girl.

(**Picture is of 14 weeks pregnant, NOW)


disenchanted said...

you burn more calories when you carry a boy x

CaliOC said...

Wow, such detail! Congrats. We aren't going to be starting for awile. I like the new family blog!