Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Other Peoples Children

Before I start let me apologize for being gone for so long. I fear that most of what I wanted to say (in a pregnant rage usually) would have gotten me in a little bit of trouble with friends and family for sure! Haha. Not to mention that there's been nothing of major greatness happening around here but sleepless night, gift wrapping and eating....

What I want to say....oh lets face it...complain is simple. And it's something I have been noticing since Paige started Pre-K. I can not handle other peoples kids. Outside the handful of kids I know and am used to in my own family or belong to my friends, who I accept for their great personalities and quirks...other peoples kids annoy the pants off me.

I find myself sitting in awe at some of the the ways these children behave in front of their parents while waiting to be let into the classroom. Are the parents too tired to even bother as the child will be off for 2 hours in a matter of minutes? Or do they really not even bother at home either. This questions plagues me.

Just so you don't think, like a certain sister-in-law I have does (wink wink!) that I'm simply being a Nazi mom :0) Let me give you an example.

Paige was sitting on the floor trying as hard as a 4 year old could to get those huge winter boots off her feet. She was mostly done with boot number one, when out of no where "Boy" came flying at her, tackled her, smacked her head into the ground behind her then got up and claimed it was a hug, but then told another boy seconds later he meant to hurt her. Paige, tears in her eyes looked to me for help and I of course first look to his mother who saw the whole thing. She stared blankly at me, so I said " 'Boy' we don't knock people over like that, Paige got hurt" He could have cared less and went on to stomp on and knock over 3 other kids before his mother chimed in " 'Boy' remember to ask before hugging"

Hugging? What kind of family do you have? I understand for all intents and purposes that boys are usually a bit more rough then girls, but that doesn't mean you can fail to teach them manners and it's a scape goat. Paige was obviously a bit scared of this, rather small boy mind you because all in all, she holds her own quite well with her boy cousins who she very much enjoys rough housing with.

On top of that, the blatant not listening to simple directions "Please wait over there" being repeated 10 times while you watch the teachers aid try not to explode with anger because you know she would have handed out a time out by attempt 2, or the nastiness in which some kids speak to their 4! ALl of this totally blows my mind.

Paige tried that obnoxious attitude today with me after 2 kids we snottily talking to their parents then to each other, I mentioned I forgot to give her something this morning and Paige looked at me and said "Mom, I was not talking to you!" and shot me a look she shouldn't even know until she was I replied "We don't talk to our parents like that Paige, and we'll just skip that candy when we get home instead ok?"

She didn't even argue she sat quietly and said she was sorry. And a few moms across the way looked at me like "How'd you do that?" Was a bit rough because she was only following suit...maybe but I won't tolerate 2 things, back talk and direct and intended violence on another.

I'm in NO way saying my way is right, or the best by any means, I could be doing things all wrong for all I know. And maybe each mom and dad at this school is a little tough about laying down rules at home but doesn't want to seem rude in public...who knows (although sorry, I do highly doubt that...). All I do know is if my kid intentionally meant to hurt another by tackling them and smacking their head into the ground there would be a time out for sure with no question, certainly not a "That wasn't a very good decision now was it?" with a smile on my face.....if I were a kid that would be to me an opportunity to see how many more times I could get away with it before a punishment was laid out....

School isn't meant to raise your kids for you people, it's supposed to teach them the fundamentals of learning. You still have to do your job at home!

Ugh, you know I realized I'm not annoyed by other peoples's the parents....


betrothedbean said...

I'm not even a parent and I agree with you! I think (from experiences babysitting, being a sunday school teacher and just observing parent/child relationships) that kids want boundaries, especially when they are younger and as a parent, it is your responsibility to uphold those boundaries. Or else how will the kid know what is right and what is wrong?

disenchanted said...

i think your parenting is spot on, i totally agree with you and only hope, when i have kids i am as good as you!