Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Oreos?

Oreo has never been what you might call "normal". When I moved in with Alex Oreo was about 3 or 4 and I could tell it was going to take some time for he and I to get used to each other as I'm not totally a dog gal...

But as you can see, his personality is hard not to love and his choices of sleeping positions and places is more then creative.

I give you (as loveinly second named by Paige last year) Oreo Mc CookiePants

As A Puppy
So we don't forget him, he packed himself.
When You're comfy, you're comfy!

Oreo "being Green" he recycles by using anything, including garbage bags, to sleep on.
He's now-a-days commonly found on top of jackets, shoes and bags near the front door.
When he was younger, he could fit anywhere - and now that he's older he still thinks he can it just takes a little more time to get himself out of places....
And lastly, I never did understand how either of these positions were comfortable, but until the rug full of shoes and coats was around here is where we would find him. Just like this.
Happy Howl-Days Everyone!

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miss shortcake said...

adorable! Our shih tzu's mom's name is Oreo!