Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Didn't Someone Tell Me My Ass Was So Big?

I love the movie Spaceballs, if you did too you would know that the title of my blog is a line from the movie where President Skroob's head is on backward after a "beaming accident"

The quote from the movie totally describes how I'm feeling at 17 weeks pregnant. I'm beginning to think that someone forgot to tell my stomach that it, not my ass is what's supposed to be popping out. I feel like I could be in a Sir-Mix-A-Lot video.

And somehow, against all laws of gravity, my underwear are not exactly getting tigher...they are falling down in the back. I mean really, who would have thought that would happen? When you begin to outgrow something you squish out of it, right? I guess my underwear are jumping ship so to speak and praying to God I just go get some new ones and put them out of their misery.

This would be the point where several of you who know me personally will be happy, Amber finally has an ass! Something I admit was left of the list of added features when God created me...and most my family come to think of it. But having lived so many years and been through 2 pregnancies sans ass, having one now is a bit odd to say the least! I'd better be careful or they'll install a warning device to me that beeps each time I back up.


Kelly said...

this is the funniest post I've read in a long time!

LeAnna said...

ahahaha...you seriously have me laughing out loud! Thanks, I needed a laugh! I LOVE Spaceballs!

miss shortcake said...