Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Paid Off My Doctor?

Alex picked up my Rx's from the pharmacy this evening on his way home from work, because he's such a great husband. One of the Rx's, which is supposed to help as I am very prone to post partum depression (PPD), and this medication is an anti-depressant which in treating before PPD sets in will help decrease the severity of it, once the baby is born. Not to mention it will help me reduce my stress level, and I'm sure your all quite shocked to hear, I tend to have a lot of stress on a regular basis...

I hadn't yet taken any of this medication and was carefully looking over the bottle when I came across this:

Yes, you're reading it correctly it says 98 refills before 1/27/10. I should note, in each refill there is 90 pills, that means if I actually filled it that many times I would have 8,820 pills total. I would have to take 24 a day, or one a day roughly for 24 years to use them all.

Even though I am quite sure this is a typo - it's incredibly funny to me, Mrs High Stress herself, that it's on my "coo-coo" medication as I like to call it.

Of course the only other option other then a typo, is that my husband in a desperate attempt to regain his somewhat sane wife has paid off my doctor to keep me highly medicated so he survives this pregnancy....but he wouldn't do that.....would he? (lol!)

(ps - go ahead and call the number on the's the pharmacies....not mine!)

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