Monday, January 26, 2009

Your Placenta Is Where?!

Well, in my case, my placenta is covering my cervix. And for those of you not "hip" to the joys of pregnancy, no that's really not such a good place to have it.

I can't do anything to move it, and couldn't have done anything to avoid it being there, it just happens to be where it decided it was going to settle this time around and it choosing so means I have a condition called placenta privia.

A little anatomy lesson, for those unfortunate souls out there born with out the wonderment of the female reproductive system , the cervix is the opening the baby needs to come out, and if my placenta is covering it, well it's like trying to pull the car out of the garage before opening the garage door. You now see my dilemma.

As it turns out, I am lucky enough to be early enough on with this pregnancy, that the placenta has a good chance to migrate away from my cervix as my belly expands. We're really hoping that this will happen, as if it doesn't I will end up having to have a c-section and I would really prefer not to have one.

So we're hoping for a good placenta migration and I'll be having another ultra sound at 28 weeks to check things out. So until then think "Northern Thoughts" for me and my stubborn placenta.


hwong14 said...

Oh no! I hope it gets pulled up to the top!

disenchanted said...

good luck with the migration! x

LeAnna said...

HA! I dont know why and I know it should have, but this post made me laugh out loud! Good Luck with your stubborn placenta!

miss shortcake said...

crossing my fingers for you!