Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a....


Alex and I had our "Big Ultrasound" last night, everything looked great with "Baby Girl Sweeney", whom we plan to name:

Reagan Louisa

The ultrasound took about 30 minutes, we got some good photos and and a great reaction out of Paige who is now even more excited to be a big sister now that she knows it's not a boy! I think she was going to pack up and move out if it was a boy, she made it very clear that she would not have anything to do with it, if it wasn't a little sister!



~The Harrison Family~ said...

The video of Paige jumping up and down is way too cute. I'm curious what the video would have looked like if you told her it was a boy:) Congrats again Amber on Reagan!

LeAnna said...

hahaha...that video of Paige is too funny! Congrats on a baby girl, Reagan is a beautiful name!

Tori M. said...

Amber, that video of Paige is priceless! :)

miss shortcake said...

Woah! "Louisa" is one of our baby names!