Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Sweeney Crib, Yo!

We have, after many hours searching the internet, 2 hours in Babies 'R' Us shaking, moving and in some cases putting the 4 year old in a few - found our crib!

The Carters Classic Sleigh Crib in Chocolate
I know it looks black, but it's really a dark brown.

My MIL (come on class, remember what that is?) ordered it today from Babies 'R' Us, and though we didn't get to see it in person we have read dozens of reviews and seen many personal photos of it in other nursery's. The In-Laws have ever so graciously offered to pay the bulk of the crib, and Alex and I are covering whats left after that.I think I am more excited for this to arrive, then I was when I brought home my wedding dress. Is that lame?

It's going to get here while Alex is in Dallas on business, I just know it. If it does, I'm going to stare anxiously at the box until he gets home and then have him assemble the crib the second he walks in the door. Poor guy. Though I think he will be just as excited about it, jet-lagged or not and want to do it with out my asking. Knowing my wonderful husband!


disenchanted said...

that crib is gorgeous! that is the style i plan to have when i have a baby! i might have to have it imported to england... x

That Fresh Feeling said...

I like the crib as well! Good choice:-)