Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Great Sweeney Migration of '09

This weekend, hopefully, we are doing the "Chinese Fire Drill" of bedrooms. Here's the plan as of right now.

-Paige is moving into mine and Alex's room, which she is thrilled about because it's blue and she' has wanted a blue room forever.

-The baby will then take Paige's room. We are planning to paint the paneling white for a more "baby" look, if it won't take we will sheet rock.

-Where will Alex and I go? The upstairs living room for right now.

It's not ideal, but we have to build a wall or two in the basement and call the Orkin man to come do his thing before I'll sleep down there! I HATE Minnesota basements, it's like a buggy breeding ground - EW!

We're hoping to put in some what of a master bedroom down there, unfortunately we are always so worried about resale value with whatever we do, we don't know if we should build a smaller room that could be used as an office later on, or a bigger room to give the room a clear "master".

The deal is, our home is a one car garage, starter type home with 2 bedrooms currently - making it more of a family deal will possibly make those looking to downsize, or start out hesitant to buy. Either way were moving on the basement that is - and if you come to our home before the bedroom is built, don't mind the bedroom in the living room....hahaha!

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Kari said...

I'd give it a master if it were me! A 3rd bedroom will add value, even for a starter home. Say a couple has one kid, they'd have a master bedroom, a kid's room, and the smallest bedroom can be the office or play room. We're in the market for a house right now, and a master bedroom with lots of closet space is a big deal.