Monday, November 24, 2008


About a week ago I noticed I was significantly larger then the previous week. Normal, yes for pregnancy - not so much for someone who, at the time was only barely over 10 weeks.

Forgive the terrible photo, I had to take it myself - but as you can see from the 2 photos below - the 8 week photo I'm a little "bump-ish" and then in this photo I am 10 wks 3 2 weeks later and POP!

I'm now 11 weeks, and hoping that things taper off a bit. If I keep growing at this rate I won't be able to fit through my front door by the time the baby is due!

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LeAnna said...

Tag! I have tagged you for the Kreativ Blog award and now you have to go copy and past the award sign off of my blog and follow what I have done. Hope you have had a happy Monday!!