Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Holter Monitor

I called the nurse the other day to see if the heart palpitations I was having were normal, expecting a yes as the answer.

I didn't get so lucky.

Even though my sister, an expert in heart conditions in my book....okay so she didn't go to medical school but she had surgery and that makes her pretty smart to me......said that she remembered the same thing in her pregnancy and all the girls I asked on Baby Zone said it was normal...I was feeling good about things.

They had me come in, were a little perturbed that I couldn't make it in that day and said it was really important. I didn't have a car! I wasn't hoofing it to Stillwater for crying out loud! Made sure to freak me out by telling me if I was short of breath or losing consciousness I needed to be seen asap.

So I did what any responsable parent would do - taught my 4 year old how to dial 911 and hoped she wouldn't need it. Luckily she didn't, because even though I posted the number by the phone, in quizzing her through out the day she consistently got the number wrong.

So I ended up going in the next day as promised, which was actually yesterday (you keeping up?) and the doc decided to hook me up to this Holtor Monitor for 24 hours. No big deal, other then I feel a bit like the back side of our entertainment center with all these wires, and they had to sand paper the areas where the 5 connectors went on my body.

They also did blood tests, and as I didn't get a call yesterday I'm confident that means nothing was standing out as a huge issue...fingers crossed.

I have to return the monitor to the clinic today and hopefully will have info back in a week or so...I'll keep you all updated!


LeAnna said...

WOW! That thing looks like loads of fun!! Hope everything is okay though!

betrothedbean said...

I hope everything turns out okay! :)