Sunday, November 9, 2008

Olive You!

I'm officially 9 weeks along! My little "Bean" has graduated from embryo to fetus and looks a lot more like a human then a small tadpole.

It's roughly the size of a medium green olive. Maybe I should change the baby's pet name from "Mr Bean" to "Olive" :0)

I have also found my two new food cravings....mmmmm food! I had fried pickles at Hooters today, could totally eat those day after day!!! And my tummy calmer is apple cinnamon instant oatmeal...;0) Don't think I will ever eat them together but you never know...hahaha !

Hopefully with this new found tummy calmer and the momentous occasion of my first trimester being over I will find more time to blog, about more things then just my pregnancy!

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