Friday, September 10, 2010

Shit - 5 months! Sorry!

Woah, five months since my last post. I really suck at this blogging thing. Don't be shy, go aheadand let me know. I'm really hoping that with school starting and Ellie, walking, running and screaming all the time I will have many more things to talk about that won't put you to sleep at the mere thought of my blog.

Here's an update on us: Paige is 6. Yes, still. I swear it takes a whole year for a birthday to come around. Lame. She has started the first grade and was very excited to know that her teacher was Mr. T. No, not the man with the fro-hawk from the A-Team, sadly. Just another guy with the same name. She really liked him until day 3 of school when he made all his students write in their journals that they hope the Vikings win the upcoming game. Funny to me, Paige's dad - no likey. (I'm still laughing)

I am fully convinced that if I can bottle the energy Ellie has I could be rich. She never stops moving. Unless of course I put on Barney. I know....Barney. I don't like it anymore then you do but when I need nothing more then to get the laundry changed and pee (not at the same time) I will gladly poison my childs mind with that giant gay purple dinosaur!

Ellie has 4, count them 4 teeth. She is 16 months old, and I love her to death but those top two teeth - well let's just say the rest better come in a push them together because you can fly a small airplane through them at the moment. Cute for a baby, and maybe Madonna...not many others can pull it off though...

Alex is the same, working and working...bringing home the bay-con! As for me, well I'm coming up on the end of my 30th year and surely have crammed a lot into the 365 days that filled it. But all those things will have to be other blogs....

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