Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remembering 30 - Intro

About this time last year I was dreading turning 30. Literally crabby, pissy and trying to hide from it in every way possible. The only thing that was making it better was the fact I was throwing the coolest Twilight party ever for it, and even then I refused to call it my was just simply "my birthday"

Now that my 30th year is rounding out, I realize I have done more in this year then the past 5 years (possibly 10) all together. So either I have had a really boring life the past 5 (or ten) years or I got to actually do some extraordinary things...(I'm going with the latter one, mostly because it makes me feel like less like a loser)

So in honor of my 30th year, and in an effort to stop thinking about turning another year older in just over a month... I am going to post a series of blogs that covers my favorite things I've gotten to do over the past 365 days - as sort of a count down to my October starting tomorrow we will cover everything from Twilighgt, Dawn-Vasions, 4-Wheeling with Bobby Long and a trip to California....and a whole bunch of other things....

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