Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Epic Twilight Birthday Party (Part One)

I had more fun at my 30th birthday party then I could even begin to explain! SO it seems fitting I begin my posts about the party on my actual 30th birthday - TODAY!

I was itching to set up hours before we were even set to arrive at my MIL's to begin. Once there I went crazy, directing my husband and my sister boyfriend, Ben around having them move tables and couches so that this vision I have had for months could finally come true!

I did my research and I did find a great blog with ideas on it, where I got my printable framed signs and wine bottle labels (Thank you Hostess with the Mostess Blog)

In the end the living room became my "restaurant" and the dining room became my Jeopardy area.

Each table had a slightly different candle centerpiece, and were set with alternating black and white square plates bought at Target for $2 a 4 pack. Of course the linens were key, satin red table cloths and black satin table runners, and of course the linen napkins tied with red satin ribbon which also alternated white and black to give that "Checkerboard" feel.

The wine glasses I made were each persons favor. I printed their name in the Twilight font and taped it to the inside of the $1 wine glasses I picked up at the local dollar store, to trace.

On the other side was either a paw print, an umbrella or the words "Be Safe" in Edwards handwriting. Also printed off and taped inside to trace. I used paint markers for this, as glass paint was too difficult to be exact with and this was much faster.

I only wrapped 6 wine bottles, of the 24 we bought. All red wine, as the labels looked better on them then they did on the white wine bottles. Not to mention I was a bit worried how the label would hold up being refrigerated and what not. I printed them on a high gloss paper at KinkosFedex.

The wine was Charles Shaw (a.k.a "3 Buck Chuck", so named for it's price) from Trader Joes

On the side board I had my cupcakes and books, and my guest book along with various decorations. The guest book was a spiral bound photo album, scrapbook might be a better way to describe it. Each guest had their own page to write on. The key decoration to this was candles - everything I coudl find I lit!

The cupcakes were made by the ever fabulous Miss Sara of Miss Sara's Cakery
In the bathroom was a bottle of hand soap in the shape of an Apple, which I picked up from the dollar store. Along with that was a tin box were band aids with this note:

Along the mirror were feather boa's with this note. We wanted to make it look like it was coming out of a small pillow, but never found one in time we didn't mind ripping apart.

More to come tomorrow, including photos of the awesome Forks sign and the guests all dressed up!!!



mrs shortcake said...

Amber, this is so creative! Everything looked awesome!

Tara said...


My name is Tara and I own and operate Tara's Twilight Party ( I was wondering if you would mind if I featured your party on my blog? Please feel free to contact me at

thanks so much!