Monday, October 12, 2009

It's (Almost) Time!

I know I have totally flaked out on the whole blogging thing, I'm sorry. Paige has been sick and home all last week!

To make it up here's some more details of my birthday party that is coming up on SATURDAY! I can barely contain myself I am so excited!

Let's start with the main decoration of the party, I have to say that these red satin table cloths were the main focal point of the party and everything revolves around it! I picked them out from a site called Linen Table Cloth.

They are the Rectangle 60x102 in size and were $8.99 each. I bought 3 as I plan to have 3 tables set up in the main portion of the house, and have it look a bit like a restaurant. Well and because the 20 some odd people coming certainly would not fit around one table! That's for sure!
I also picked up 3 black satin table runners to go down the middle of each table. They are14x102 in size but could be trimmed if that's too long for what you need. They don't come in any other size. I should note I also picked up a red one for the cake table.

These were priced at $2.89 and while it's not the highest quality of satin, it's a great product none the less!
As well as the satin pieces for the tables I also got the napkins from Linen Table Cloth as well, the are good quality and come 12 to a pack. I bought 2 packs, one black and one white. Each pack was $6.99 I tied them up with a piece of red ribbon (a nod to the cover of Eclipse, of course) and they look like this.

The napkins will be placed on the plate, which are also black or white...A black napkin on a white plate and so on, to give the "checkerboard" feel. The fork will be slid into the ribbon, a nod to Forks WA, of course.

NOTE: I did have quite the issue with Linen Table Cloth, when they initially sent me the wrong tablecloths, they were red, but not satin. Please know that their return policy is that they will not send you the correct items until they receive the incorrect ones back. Being that I didn't have the time to wait for all this, I went around and around with them until the agreed to ship my correct items when I provided them with a tracking number showing I shipped the wrong ones back. They are covering the shipping cost of that, by refunding it to me when they get the box. But still - I don't find their customer service to be very helpful, but for the product and the cost of's ok.

In my effort to cover all the covers of the books through the party decorations I picked up on clearance at Wal Mart 2 bundles of Tulips, and a bottle of red craft paint, andything cheap will do for this project. Because of the material the flowers are made of, they dry really fast but I still needed a way to hold them up, even for their short drying time.

  • I pulled the tulipd heads off, and paited along the edges and lightly in the middle of them.
  • Then I took an old box, jammed toothpicks in it and set the wet tulip head on top of the tooth pick to dry (my husbands idea - he's a genious!)
When finished they look like this, I plan to use them in centerpieces and what not:
And of course the party favors...I'm doing a few things. I have glass coaster that say "Love" on them left over from my wedding last year, I'm tying them up with ribbon in sets of 2 and hanging a little card on them that says "So the Lion fell in love with the Lamb"

And of course the hand painted wine glasses: Here's a sneak peak and instructions on how to do it.

  • Wine Glasses bought at a local Dollar Store for $1 each
  • Print off names, or what not you want on glass and cut it out. Tape inside the glass.
  • Use a DecoColor Paint Marker (pick them up at any craft store) and trace then fill in.
I found that to be the best way to do it, the paint I was going to do was not covering well and these pens work great.

Also, though you can not see it on this glass, on the pooosite side it either has a paw print, The words "Be Safe" in Edwards handwriting or an umbrella.

This is shaping up to be one heck of a 30th birthday party! Thanks to everyone helping me put it together!

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mrs shortcake said...

How creative! I love that you're doing so many crafty things for your birthday!