Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How I love To Shop!

What I love more, is a great deal coupled with amazing product and even better customer service - and that is where Budget Banners Flags & Signs comes into play!

So you're thinking, "Amber, what do you need a sign of flag for?" , well what the title of her eBay store doesn't tell you is that she also makes car decals! Which is how I came across her. While searching for fun, inexpensive items for the 3 prize bags for my birthday party, I found her!

I bid on a "Twilight Girl" decal and won it for $1.75! When I received it and saw the amazing quality, I contacted her to see if she would send me some more, which she happily did! I bought 3 more from her, and she even e-mailed me back to say she was tossing in some extras for my Twi-Friends.

She has 100% positive feedback on eBay and can make you just about anything for a car decal or sign and banner for that matter! Shoot over and give her a look, if you're looking for a Twilight car decal, she's the way to go!

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